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after finish the test at British Council test center, applicants must return stationery to the staffs. Sometimes, your pencil may not be ready to use so please check your stationery every time before the test happens. For IELTS IDP test center, applicants can bring stationery so the stationery will be newer that the other one.

คอร์ส IELTS IDP รับรองผล

รหัสคอร์ส วันเรียน รอบ เวลา หมายเหตุ เหลือที่นั่ง อาจารย์
IB300522 30 พ.ค. – 30 มิ.ย. จ-พฤ 18:00-20:30
0 vova,เอมิ
IB040622 4 มิ.ย. – 3 ก.ค. ส-อา 10:00-16:00
0 เอมิ,vova
IB090722 9 ก.ค. – 7 ส.ค. ส-อา 10:00-16:00


2 vova,เอมิ
IB110722 11 ก.ค. – 11 ส.ค. จ-พฤ 18:00-20:30


1 vova,เอมิ

อัตราค่าเรียน  15,900.00 บาท


If your score can’t reach 7.0, Free retake the course.

Detail : Basic Grammar, Writing, Reading, and Speaking and also practicing past papers.


Review IELTS British Council and IDP

Review IELTS British Council and IDP

There are 2 test centers in Thailand which are;

1. British Council

2. IDP


British Council and UDP are standard institutions for IELTS Examination. The scores given by these 2 institutions also meet international standard. So, the difficulty level of the test from these institutions is the same.



British Council and IDP are almost the same price, around 6,700 THB. However, the cost depends on an exchange rate in each period.

*If the applicants do not register the test via computer system, you have to pay additional fee for 400-500 THB.


Documents required

1. Identity card or Passport (same as the one you used in registration)

2. Copy of Identity card or Passport (same as the one you used in registration, only if you register with British Council)


Still, there are some differences between IDP and British Council test centers.

1. Place

British Council : The Landmark Hotel near BTS Nana station

IDP : The Montien River Hotel (mostly) near BTS Saladaeng station

Difference : The Landmark Hotel is easier for travel than the other one. It is not very far from BTS Nana station, only approximately 3 minutes walk while it requires 9 minutes walk from Saladaeng station to the Montien River hotel and the place is a little bit difficult to find so you need to spare time for your travelling. Our suggestion is if you register with IDP, you should take motorcycle from BTS Saladaeng station with the cost around 20-40 THB

2. IELTS Speaking test

This test is happened on the afternoon period after the morning period. Applicants will know their speaking test time after finishing the writing part of the morning period.

British council speaking test is the same place but the test room may be changed. However, the staffs will notify you about speaking test registration and the test rooms after the writing part.

But IDP speaking test will happen at IDP office at CP Tower building 4th floor. If you are on the first queue of speaking test, you will have only 20 minutes to move yourself from the hotel to the building.

Difference : There are many waiting areas at British council test center so applicants have many waiting areas. Applicants may come early 1-2 hours before the test happens. But waiting area is limited at the Montien River hotel, applicants should come on specific time. Early coming applicants do not affect the test time.

3. What should bring on the test day

For your convenience, the test centers prepare stationery such as pencil and eraser. Applicant are not allowed to bring their own stationery into the test room. Only jacket or cardigan and plastic bottle with no label are allowed.

Difference: After finish the test at British Council test center, applicants must return stationery to the staffs. Sometimes, your pencil may not be ready to use so please check your stationery every time before the test happens. For IDP test center, applicants can bring stationery so the stationery will be newer that the other one.

4. IELTS score

The score will be sent to you 3-7 days after announcement (in case of the address in Thailand) British Council will send it to the registered address but IDP applicants will have to confirm the address with the staff after finishing speaking test.

You can check the score online after 13 days after the test date.

For British Council at For IDP at


British Council : You need your registration number in order to check your score online. So, please keep this number or sticker that identify your registration which applicants received on the test day.

IDP : You need the registration number to check your score online. However, you should keep this information until you receive the original score paper. For your convenience, IDP applicants can get the original score paper by themselves at CP Tower building 4th floor since the announcement day and also receive the score via SMS without fee. For SMS, applicants must notify their purpose to the staffs first. But British council applicants have to wait their score results at home only.


How to apply for the IELTS exam at IDP

  1. Enter the IDP website and then select “Book your test”
  2. The system will display information about the IELTS exam including the schedule, price, and other information related to the application of the IELTS test at IDP.
  3. Click on “Book Now”. At the type of IELTS test that we would like to book, select IELTS Test
  4. Select the country, province and type of IELTS exam which in most cases would be Academic IELTS because students will use the results to apply abroad. After that, select whether you would like to have a paper-based (symbol looks like a purple paper) or computer-based (symbol looks like a red computer) test which would also include the selection of test location.
  5. The system will show only the days that are available. Select your desired testing date. If there are few seats available on certain days, it will be marked in yellow. If there are a lot of seats available, it will be marked in green. For both of these categories, candidates can select their desired testing date. Once you have made the selection, the system will display all the information about the test which includes the fees. You should check the details carefully and then click “Continue” to move to the next step.
  6. If you choose to take the paper-based IELTS, you will know the time for the Speaking test on the same day as you sit for the other parts. The invigilator will let you know during the registration at the test center. On the other hand, if you choose the computer-based IELTS, you can select the time for your Speaking test after clicking “Continue.”
  7. The system will ask whether you have an account or not. If you already have an account, you can proceed with Login but if you don’t, select “Create New User”
  8. Check all the details of the testing, fill in any missing or incorrect data, and click on the “I have read and agree to the terms and conditions”
  9. Fill in your personal information which includes your name, surname, date of birth, Thai National ID card number or passport number, telephone number, email, occupation, highest education and address.
  10. The system will automatically set a Username but you will have to set a password for your account. The criteria for setting a password are that it should contain at least 7 characters and have a mix of letters and numbers.
  11. The system will summarize all the details once more for us to check if everything entered is correct, followed
  12. Fill in the expiry date of your Thai National ID Card or passport. Then, click on “Select Image” to upload an image of it. Finally, click “Continue”
  13. You can request for your results to be sent at many places by clicking on “Add” or else just click “Continue”
  14. Next, check for the accuracy of all the details entered, including test details and personal details. Once confirmed, click “Continue.”
  15. Lastly, make your payments for the test. You can use various methods from the following:
    a. “Pay now” if you would like to pay online using a credit card or a PayPal account
    b. “Pay offline” if you would like to pay using other methods like directly paying at the office of IDP, bank transfer, or at 7-Eleven convenient stores. This method requires you to send the payment details to the IDP office directly for further verification of payment.
    Once the application and fee payment are complete, you will receive a confirmation email. You will also get an email with detailed instructions of the materials to take and procedures to be conducted on the actual test day.

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