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In 2005 - Chulatutor has been founded.

Chulatutor has been founded in 2005. Earlier, a group of seniors from Chulalongkorn, Kasetsart, Thammasat, and Mahidol Universities has formed a team to coach their juniors who would like to continue their Bachelor degree in those universities. From their long experiences in teaching and also their participations in many educational projects such as being special lecturers, creating exam preparation VDO clips for eduzones.com (Project TARO FREE NET) and many more. Chulatutor has been known among many social medias such as Siam Business, Bangkok Business, Thaipost, and Khaosod newspapaer and also TV Channel 5, Sanook.com and etc. and make us become popular among teenagers.

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Everyday at the Campions School is like a blessing with the active students and talented staff members around.
Tutor Ple, founder of Chulatutor
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In 2005

Chulatutor has been founded.

In 2009

Chulatutor has moved the head office to Soi Chulalongkorn 42, U Center.

Here, we have opened Math course for international programs, from Bachelor to Doctoral degree, in popular universities such as Chulalongkorn, Thammasat, Kasetsart, Silpakorn, and Mahidol Universities. These international courses have been appreciated and approved from many parents and students because during the past 3-4 years, the international programs has become famous and students have more choices to continue their further studies in those international programs. Also, in only 1 year, Chulatutor has a chance to participate in several sectors and organizations;

- Educational website eduzones.com (Taro Free NET Project)

- English lecturer for Keerapat International School

- English lecturer for Trinity International School

- English lecturer for National Health Security Office (NHSO)

- Special lecturer (exam preparation) for Khon Buri school

- Special lecturer (exam preparation) for Poolcharoenwittayakom School

- Special lecturer (exam preparation) for Weerawatyothin School

In 2010

Chulatutor has expanded their head office in order to handle the increase of their students and participate in several organizations;

- working with vcharkarn.com for Pre-test Online Project

- working with www.KBeautifullife.com (Kasikorn Bank network) for KBL Examination Online Project such as SAT CU-AAT CU-TEP IELTS TOEFL TOEIC

- working with Trueplookpanya.com for creating educational VDO for elementary education

- special lecturer for Benchamarachutit school

- special lecturer for Rattanathibet school

In January 2011

Chulatutor has again moved the head office to Siamsquare Soi 8 at Siamkit building 6th floor for the bigger space as their students has increased so much. Moreover, Chulatutor also has been honored to be a Columnist for Trueplookpanya magazine, special lecturer for Srinakarinda the Princess Mother School, and a co-worker with Samsenwittayalai school for Samsenwittayalai yearbook.

In October 2011

Chulatutor has expanded the head office to Siamsquare Soi 9.

In 2022

Chulatutor has moved to Hub Education at MAK 4th floor 


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