What is a GED ? How to register for GED

GED or General Educational Development is referred to as a General Education Diploma, is a set of tests that when passed certify the test taker (American or Canadian) has met high-school level academic skills. GED has 4 subjects which are;

What is a GED Registration Process

GED Subjects

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GED Language Arts Subject

This subject will test your language ability in reading, interpretation, question answering and reasoning. You will have to write an essay, too. So, you will be tested both reading and essay.


GED Science Subject

This subject will test your science knowledge in general science, physical science and astronomy.


GED Social Studies Subject

This subject will be unfamiliar if you are Thai students. The test will be about American history, economy and politics.


GED Math Subject

This subject will test you on your calculation ability and mathematic solution. If your calculation is not good enough, you should start reviewing your lessons now!


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Recommended GED Course

รหัสคอร์ส วันเรียน รอบ เวลา หมายเหตุ เหลือที่นั่ง อาจารย์
G080523 8 พ.ค. – 9 ก.พ. จ-ศ 13:00-16:00
0 เปิ้ล
G220523 22 พ.ค. – 23 มิ.ย. จ-ศ 13:00-16:00
0 เปิ้ล
G120623 12 มิ.ย. – 14 ก.ค. จ-ศ 13:00-16:00


3 เปิ้ล
G260623 26 มิ.ย. – 28 ก.ค. จ-ศ 13:00-16:00


2 เปิ้ล

General Educational Development at Chulatutor will help you efficiently succeed. Easy learning and simple teaching will improve your ability. You can choose 5 subjects that are most relevant to you; Maths, Reading, Social Studies, Writing, and Science. We ensure that all of you will pass the examination in every subject. Because our tutors will make sure that you are ready for the test if not, we will not let you apply for the test. We must be sure that you are completely well- prepared and ready to take the test. We guarantee you surely pass the test even you fail over and over again.


Free GED Practice Test

GED Online Free Vocabulary 1

LINK Download : https://bit.ly/3zSYOpg

GED Online Free Vocabulary 2

LINK Download : https://bit.ly/3zTpWEv

General Educational Development Practice Test Free

LINK Download : https://bit.ly/3Ck5Ki7

General Educational Development Practice Tests

LINK Download : https://bit.ly/3zTYEhd

How to get a GED

LINK Download : https://bit.ly/3QlpEx3



Subject Cost
Writing $ 50
Reading $ 50
Social Studies $ 50
Science $ 50
Mathematics $ 50
Total $ 250

Diploma and Transcript 15 USD Each (GED vs high school diploma )


GED Application

Applicants must be at least 16 years old. You can register via www.ged.com. There are 3 Test centers to be chosen (see details below). Applicants must present identity card or passport on the test day.


3 Test Centers in Thailand:

1. Charn Issara Tower 2: 3rd floor New Petchaburi Road BKK. 02 718 1599
2. Pearson Professional Centers: BB Building, 10th floor Asoke Montri road SoiSukhumvit 21 Bangkok . Tel 02 664 3563
3. Movaci Technology: 420/11-13 Chang Klan Road Amphoe Muang Chiang Mai Tel: 053 920 555


GED Timetable

Most subjects are available to be tested every weekday during 9.00 – 17.00. The Test appointment can be made one week before the test date.

The Re-examination can also be immediately registered for the second and the third exam but for the fourth exam, the registration can be made after 60 days from the first exam.


How to register for GED

The GED Registration has 3 processes; Creating a GED account, Applying GED Ready Test, and Applying a real GED Test. In order to make a registration completed, you can do the followings;

  1. Go to https://ged.com/. You will see on the upright corner tab, click “log in” if you already had an account, if not, click “Sign up”.
    ged registration process 1
  2. Fill in your email and create a password and click “Sign up”. This information will be used for your next log in.
    Note: the password must contain 8 characters or more. It must contain letters and at least number or symbol. Remember the password must not contain your email.
    ged registration process 2
  3. Fill in your personal information; first name, last name, and date of birth. (Make sure your information is as correct as on your passport). You also need to fill in your address, too.
  4. Click “Yes I agree the policies” to confirm that you agree to the GED Terms and Conditions.
    ged registration process 4
  5. Fill in your phone number and if you need to receive GED study tips, news, and special offers, click “Yes! Email me news and discounts from MyGED”. We recommend you check this box for your free updated information and click “Continue”.
    ged registration process 5
  6. Select the country you will take the GED test, here, we choose Thailand and click “Continue”.
    ged registration process 6
  7. Answer the questions about test preparation and select whether you wish to enroll in a GED Prep program or not and click “Continue”.
    ged registration process 7
  8. Click “Yes, I have a documented disability” if you are under circumstances like disabilities or impaired vision with medical document. Click “No” if you are not in the group. Then click “Continue”.
    ged registration process 8
  9. The system will show the first page of your GED account like the picture below to confirm that your account is completed.
    ged registration process 9

However, before you take the real GED test, you need to register and pass the GED Ready test. Here is how to register the GED Ready test.


  1. Click “Study” on the above tab of the page as you see in the picture.
    GED Ready test 1
  2. click “Practice” box.
    GED Ready test 2
  3. Select whether you prefer to take 1 subject or all 4 subjects. You have time to take one subject at a time within 3 months. If you prefer to take only 1 subject, please follow the normal step. But if you prefer to take all 4 subjects, you may skip to step 5.
    GED Ready test 3
  4. Select only 1 subject you want to take and click “Continue”.
    GED Ready test 4
  5. Recheck your information, click “PROCEED TO CHECKOUT” Then, the system will show your order summary and payment information, click “Use my contact information for my billing address” and “CONTINUE TO PAYMENT INFORMATION” respectively.
    GED Ready test 5 1GED Ready test 5 2
  6. Fill in your credit card number and billing address then click “Yes, I agree to the statement below” and click “PLACE YOUR ORDER”. Now, you can take the GED Ready!
    GED Ready test 6 1GED Ready test 6 2

After finishing the GED Ready test, you will go through the real GED test which has the registration process as following;

  1. Log in to your GED account. Use your email and password you already created and select the subject you want to take. Click “SCHEDULE TEST”.
    GED schedule test 1GED schedule test 1 2
  2. Click “Continue Scheduling” and reselect the subject you want to take and click “NEXT”.
    GED schedule test 2 1GED schedule test 2 2
  3. The system will bring you to “Find a test center”. It will show the nearest test center according to your previous filling information. Click “SEARCH” then the system will show the list of the test centers. Select the test center and click “NEXT”.
    GED schedule test 3 1GED schedule test 3 2
  4. Select your test date and schedule.
    GED schedule test 4
  5. Recheck all information; the test center, subject, test date and schedule. If all information is correct, click “PROCEED TO CHECKOUT”.
    GED schedule test 5
  6. Click “ACCEPT” in order to accept Terms and Conditions.
    GED schedule test 6
  7. The last step is to fill in your credit card number to pay for the test fee. When the registration is completed, you will receive a confirmation email.
    GED schedule test 7


GED popular questions

When can we take GED test?

The GED test can be taken when you complete 16 years old. and a Parental Consent Form must be sent through E-mail before the test registration. The Parental Consent form is the form that proves you are allowed from your parents to take the test. You can download it after you already created your own account on the GED website. However, this form will be excepted if you are 18 years old and over.

Can we retake the test immediately?

If you don’t pass the GED test in any subject, you can retry immediately only 3 times on the same subject. If you still can’t pass the test, you have to retry again after 60 days. This condition is for each subject. The passing score is 145/200 points.

How long does the GED score be valid ?

The GED test is considered a degree So there is no expiration. The test can be compared like the school grade. You will receive both diploma and transcript after you pass the test. The transcript will show the whole score and each subject score.


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