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AP or Advance Placement is a college-level test administered by The College Board (same as SAT). AP has both advance course and test.


High school students can take AP courses so they can learn their interested subjects in advance. Moreover, they can use AP score to submit at universities according to universities’ requirements.

You can take AP pre-course because you can study your interested subjects before and it can develop your knowledge and skills to make you ready for university study. AP course may be not easy but it will prepare you for your future. Students who pass AP course may skip introduction course when they get into university.

Moreover, AP can increase your chance to find out what you really like, what kind of job you want to do in the future. You can choose your interested courses as AP has 38 subjects from all 6 categories as following:

AP Capstone



History and Social & Science

Maths & Computer Science


World Languages & Cultures


Who can take AP?

High school students who want to prepare themselves ready for university. Students who want to learn more about their interested subjects and prepare themselves for studying in universities in the Us and Canada.


AP exam

the test consists of 2 parts:

  1. Multiple choices
  2. Free-response exam questions


AP score

The score is divided into 5 levels which 5 is the best or A+ ( Grade 3 or above is required to pass the test)


AP Application

AP is taken once a year in May. The score will be announced in July.

Students can take this test without studying AP at their schools before. AP can be study at home (homeschooling).

For those at international schools, you may have AP courses at your schools and you can directly apply at your schools. If you are a home-school student, you can also apply at these international schools, too.

AP test takes about 2-3 hours and it starts since 8.00 am.

The test fee is 123 US dollars.


Test schedule

The result will be announced in July. You can only check your score at


Test center in Thailand

All American international schools in Thailand where AP courses are available.


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