what is toeic

What is TOEIC?

TOEIC is a test of English for international communication especially business communication. The test focuses on listening and reading and is usually used in job application. The test consists of 200 multiple – choice questions and the total score adds up to a scale from 0 to 990 points.

What is TOEIC ?


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คอร์ส TOEIC รับรองผล

รหัสคอร์ส วันเรียน รอบ เวลา หมายเหตุ เหลือที่นั่ง อาจารย์
EICA0623 5 มิ.ย. – 29 มิ.ย. จ-พฤ 18:00-20:30
0 เดียร์
EICB0723 1 ก.ค. – 23 ก.ค. ส-อา 10:00-16:00
0 เดียร์
EICA0723 3 ก.ค. – 27 ก.ค. จ-พฤ 18:00-20:30
0 เดียร์
EICB0823 5 ส.ค. – 27 ส.ค. ส-อา 10:00-16:00
0 เดียร์
EICA0823 7 ส.ค. – 31 ส.ค. จ-พฤ 18:00-20:30
0 เดียร์



  • Weekend course has lunch break between 12.30 – 13.30


Payment detail: you can pay by

  • online payment via credit card
  • bank payment via “Chula tutor” account
  • pay at Chula tutor Institute by credit card (no fee)



ประวัติ อาจารย์เดียร์

  • Master of Arts in English as an International Language, Graduate School, Chulalongkorn University
  • Master of Science in Marketing, Faculty of Commerce and Accountancy, Chulalongkorn University
  • English as a Second Language Certificate, New York Language Center. USA
  • Graduate Diploma in English for Business and Management, Faculty of Liberal Arts, Thammasat University
  • Bachelor of Business Administration (Finance), Faculty of Business Administration, Kasetsart University
  • Bachelor of Arts (English), 2nd Class Hons. Faculty of Humanities, Ramkhamhaeng University

ประวัติ อาจารย์ต๊ะ

  • Bachelor of Education (Secondary Education in Hamanities and Social Science), Majoring in English-German Program, 1st Class Hons. Chulalongkorn University


What is in each TOEIC part?

TOEIC Part listening

There are 4 sections in listening part consisting of

TOEIC Photographs

10 questions: you will have to select the correct sentence that best describes the picture.

TOEIC Question

Response 30 questions: you need to pay more attention because there is no picture and no question provided in the test paper. You need to listen carefully from the tape.

TOEIC Conversations 30 questions

This part is challenging. You will listen to the conversations between 2 people. The question and choices will be provided in the test paper. When you listen to one conversation, you will have to answer 3 questions. You need to remember the main idea of the conversation and try to understand the questions and choices in each question. One more important is the speed. After each conversation, you will have a limit of time to do these 3 questions before the tape starts the next conversation. If you miss some questions, try to skip to do the next question or the next conversation in order to keep your attention.

TOEIC Short talks 30 questions

this part is like 1.3 but you will hear the talk from only one person not the conversation. It is more complicated.


TOEIC Part Reading

There are both grammar and reading in this part.

TOEIC Incomplete

Sentences 40 questions: you will need to find the correct grammatical answer to fill in the blank space. It will test your grammar knowledge. Be prepared!

TOEIC Text Completion

12 questions: you will need to find the correct answer and fill in the blank space in each text. The text can be business letter, announcement, advertisement, business article, certification letter etc. There are 4 texts in this part. Each text consists of 3 multiple – choice questions. This part will test your grammar and vocabulary knowledge. You will need to understand the whole content of each text to completely do this part as each question will be linked to the whole content of the text. Sometimes, it is not necessary to read the whole text, only scanning the content is enough.

TOEIC Reading Comprehension

This part consists of single passage 28 questions and double passage 20 questions. You should spend approximately 45 minutes to do this part (1 mins per question) The passage can be article, letter, announcement, e-mail, work schedule etc. Please keep in mind that most people can’t complete this part in time.


TOEIC Registration Process

toeic registration process
toeic registration process

For anyone who is interested in TOEIC test, there are registration process as follows.

  1. Contact CPA Call Center at the following number
    – Bangkok Test Center: 02-260-7061, 02-259-3990 press 101 (10 lines)
    – Chieng Mai Test Center: 053-241-273 – 5
    Note: TOEIC Test Takers must reserve a seat in advance at least 1 day (before the test date). To make a reservation, contact the office on Monday – Saturday at 8.00 am.– 4.30 pm. except CPA (Thailand) day off.
  2. When you make a call, the CPA call center staff will ask your information in order to make the reservation complete. You have to provide your first name, last name, identification number, test date, test round, and etc.
  3. After finishing the reservation, you can prepare yourself for the test date. On your test date, you must bring your ID card or your driving license. You must report yourself to the staff at least 1 hour before the test.
  4. About the payment, the test taker will make the payment at the counter on the test date (by cash or credit card). This is important as the center will reserve the seat for us in advance. So, if you would like to postpone the test date, you must inform the staff at least 1 working day before your test date. No show or other cancellation without notification will cost 500 THB as a fee for your next registration.
  5. For a score report, the test takers can choose whether receiving the score report by themselves or receiving via post mail (EMS).

The TOEIC registration process is very easy and anyone who has never taken the test before can easily follow the steps.



There are 2 test centers in Thailand.

  • Bangkok test center: BB Building Room 1907 No.54 Asoke- Sukhumvit road 10110
    Tel. 02-260-7061, 02-259-3990
  • Chiang Mai test center: 3rd floor No.4/6 Suvarnabhumi road Soi 3 Amphoe Mueung Chiang Mai 50000 Tel. 053-241-273, 053-241-274, 053-241-275

If you are in other provinces, you will also have an occasionally chance to take the test at some organizations and universities or you can ask more information from CPA Thailand.

Getting TOEIC 700+ is more than possible - You can do it!
Getting TOEIC 700+ is more than possible – You can do it!

HOW can TOEIC score tell us about our language skill

TOEIC score in each level can tell us about our English skill. You can check your ability from the following table, or you can set your goal how you want to be and keep studying.

คะแนน สอบ TOEIC Test

Attractive TOEIC score for the leading company

TOEIC score is really important for job application. You can see that many leading companies require TOEIC as one of applicant’s qualifications. The more score you have, the more chance you get to work in that company. The table below will show us the score each leading company require.

เงินเดือนสูงด้วย คะแนน TOEIC


TOEIC score and Real life

TOEIC Test part Reading Comprehension ( TOEIC Grammar )

TOEIC Test part Listening Preparation Techniques

TOEIC Preparation

TOEIC Reading Preparation Techniques

Free TOEIC Test Paper Download

Private TOEIC course

What each TOEIC part consists of?
What each TOEIC part consists of?

Online TOEIC Course

No matter where you are, Chonburi, Pattaya, Chiang Mai, Phuket, Nakornratchasima, Udonthani, Khon Kaen, Ubonratchatani, Chiang Rai, Rayong or anywhere… You can take our TOEIC course. We, Chulatutor, have opened an online TOEIC course. The course covers every part in TOEIC test i.e., grammar, reading and listening. More special with our Free Flashcard often-found Vocabularies and you can download via our website. The online course will have lessons and practices. The course structure starts from basic grammar conclusion to TOEIC Test simulation! Whether your English background is little, or You have rarely used English for a long time or You never get score more than 300 or You need to speed up your score and are not convenient or could not manage your schedule to study in class, this course is fit for you!

Be sure with our intensive online course. We summarize every TOEIC preparation book such as popular world class TOEIC books “Barron’s TOEIC Practice Exams” “Oxford: Tactics for TOEIC listening and reading test” “Cambridge: TOEIC Grammar and Vocabulary for the TOEIC test” “Longman: Preparation Series for the New TOEIC Test Advanced Course 4th Edition” “Tactics for TOEIC Listening and Reading Test by Grant Trew” also Kaplan preparation book and other World-leading TOEIC books. We summarize and scrutinize only necessary content for the test. Plus, secret techniques invented by our experienced tutors. Our tutor is graduated from Arts CU with first class honor. We make TOEIC become easy and interesting. For more information, please visit  https://online.chulatutor.com/p/toeic-online


What are the best books to study TOEIC?

There are so many books to choose for TOEIC preparation. But how do we know which book will fit us. Today, we are going to review TOEIC preparation books in order to help your selection. So, let’s review these books together.

Begin with the first book which is TOEIC Upgrade. This book is recommended for one who wants to know the test techniques in each part and need a detailed explanation without focusing on many mock tests.

book toeic upgrade

The second one will fit a person who want more practices especially the mock tests. This book is Barron’s TOEIC Practice Exams 4th Edition. The book compiles many practice tests and provide intensive key explanation which is also easily understandable.

book barron toeic practice exams

The last one fit for one who want to enhance vocabulary knowledge. If you want to strengthen your English words, we highly recommend this book. It gathers words that mostly founded in the test and provides synonyms and word translation.

book barron essential words for the toeic

These recommended books above are TOEIC preparation books for today. For anyone who want to save preparation time and need specialist to give recommendation and techniques for doing the test, you can apply for a TOEIC course. Chulatutor has a special TOEIC guaranteed course. The course covers from foundation to test techniques. Let’s fight together to reach your dream!


TOEIC – FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the meaning of TOEIC?

TOEIC is a multiple-choice test using in assessing the English- skills needed in communication especially in workplace. TOEIC is an international standardized test of English language for non-native speakers and stands for Test of English in communication. The test bases in real life situation in working such as email, telephone, meeting, selling, travel, and other conversation in everyday life.

What is a good score on the TOEIC?

A good score on the test is different between persons and requirements. For example, if you are going to apply for an airhostess, the score above 700 points can be considered a good score for you. If you are applying a job in international companies which have international environment, the score above 800 points may be your good score. If you need to use TOEIC score to prove that you can communicate in English, but you are applying in Thai company, the score above 550 points is normally standard for you. So, a good score can be differently depending on the requirements.

What is the difference between TOEIC and TOEFL?

TOEIC focuses on communication in English and business English for working whereas TOEFL focuses on academic English for further study and in international environment. The two tests aim to assess the level of English proficiency for non-native English speakers.

Which is better TOEIC or TOEFL?

There is no one better than another. It depends on your purpose of taking the test. If you want to study aboard, you might think taking TOEFL is better but if you want to apply for a job in Thailand, taking TOEIC is better for you. The fact is TOEFL fee is more expensive than TOEIC and most students think TOEIC is easier than TOEFL. However, you have to know your purpose of taking the test.

Does TOEIC expire?

TOEIC score is valid for 2 years. Most English tests are often valid in a given period basically 2 years.

Why TOEIC test is important?

TOEIC Test is important because the test highlights on your English communication skills and your proficiency in applying the language in everyday situation in order to effectively use it in your real life. One more inportant is the score is an essential requirement from many companies nowadays.

How long is TOEIC test?

The Test takes 2 hours to complete. 45 minutes and 100 questions for listening and 75 minutes and 100 questions for reading.

What is the passing score for TOEIC?

The passing score depends on the requirements of each workplace and organizations. It can be 500 points to 800 points depending on companies 'requirements. For example, an airline job may require 700 points whereas a factory job may require only 550 points.


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