TOEIC Preparation Techniques for TOEIC Redesigned
The test consists of 2 parts:
Listening 100 questions
Grammar & Reading 100 questions
Total 990 points each part 495 points


TOEIC listening

Listening Comprehension is divided in to 4 parts total 100 questions. You will hear the tape only 1 time. You have 45 minutes to do this part which is not much time. You have 2-3 seconds to fill the answer after each question and the next question will start immediately.

Part I Photographs : This part is the easiest part of all parts. You need to quickly look at and scan each photo. You should carefully see the details of each photo, what, where, when ,who, style etc…. There are 10 questions, each question has 4 choices. You will need to carefully listen the homophone which can confuse you.

– For example, you may see the ship in the photo. The tape will speak ship and sheep. You need to carefully differentiate these words.

Part II Question-Response: There are 30 questions. You will hear the conversation of the 2 speakers. Only the 3 choices of each conversation are provided. The questions mostly begin with What, Where, When, How, Why, Would, Do you, Are you, Can you. Etc… Some people only listen to Wh- word can answer the question.

What –
What kind of position are you applying for? (your answer must be a job position)

Where – Where do you want to go today? (your answer must be a place you are going to today)

When – (today, tomorrow, next year…) Don’t be confused about future and past time for example:

When will you come here?
a. Yesterday morning.
b. Last Monday.
c. I don’t know.

This question is tricky because it is a future question but Choice A and B are past answers so you must choose C.

How – (How you eat, How you do, How you go)

Why – (you answer the question “why” and the answer mostly start with because……)

Part III Short Conversation: There are 30 questions. You will hear the conversation between 2 people. The conversation will be more difficult than Part II. There are 10 conversations and each conversation has 3 questions. There are 4 choices for each question.

Part IV Short Talks: There are 30 questions. The talk in this part is not that short. You will hear one speaker said and answer the questions after the talk finished.

TOEIC Preparation

TOEIC reading

Reading is divided into 3 parts total 100 questions 75 minutes. You should spend 35 minutes in Part V and VI (60 questions), 35 seconds per each question.

Part V Incomplete Sentences: There are 40 questions. You have to make the sentences complete. Each question will have a blank space and you will select the right answer from the 4 choices. You need to analyze Subject, Verb, Object and where should you place them, in the front, at the back or in between. For example; approximate is Adjective so it should come before Noun but approximately is Adverb so it should come before or after Verb.

This part will test all your grammatical knowledge. Don’t forget to spend 35 seconds per question.

Part VI Replaced with Text Completion: You have to fill a blank space with the right answer. The text will be an article, an invitation card, a conversation or etc.

For example

The Government plans to give (14) $ …………………………………….. to assist the farmers. This money was to be spent on improving Sydney’s (15) …………………………………….. but has now been re-allocated. Australia has experienced its worst drought in over fifty years. Farmers say that the money will not help them because it is (16) ……………………………………………………… .

There are 12 questions in this part. All questions come with 4 choices.

Part VII Reading Comprehension: If you finish Part V and VI early, you can have more time to do Part VIII. This part has 48 questions (single passages 28 questions and double passages 20 questions) It is not too difficult but….it takes time to find the right answer. You will read advertisements, announcements, letters, invitation cards, schedules etc… Each passage will have 3-4 questions. Our technique is to read the choice first. Find what the questions want from you. The answers lay in the passage but you need to find them. Once you found, you get a score. Don’t take too much time. (If the question ask the purpose of the passage or topic passage, you may need to read all passage)


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