What should I do? Weak background and always get poor score!


Have you ever faced these problems? do not good at grammatical part, do not understand the main point, do not know how to correctly use it, too many lessons, feel stressed with grammar test, finally have to guess all answers and fail to use it correctly.


Many people know that grammatical English is essential. Although many people say that speaking English doesn’t require much grammatical skill, the whole English language requires more in many situations such as studying, testing, business meeting, work presenting. We do not use English in only speaking. Listening, Reading, and Writing require good English usage. If you do not really understand English grammar, you may have to improve your language skill. You cannot avoid grammatical test in GED , IELTS , TOEFLTOEIC , CU-TEP , TU-GET. IELTS will test your grammatical skill on its writing part. CU-TEP will test your grammatical skill on its error part. If you have to contact business partner in foreigner countries, you may have to be professional to attract them and English is an important approach to reach there. Only snake and fish English might not be appropriate.


Now, many people have Grammar weak point. From IELTS statistic record of Thailand, of all 4 parts, Writing, which requires much grammatical skill, is the lowest score part. The average score is 5.5 of 9.0. While other parts are 5.9 -6.2 of 9.0. If you want to apply in international programs, you must speed yourself up now.


Don’t let your small weak points impede your English skills. Let’s prepare yourself now! The quicker you start, the smarter you are. We, Chulatutor, are your assistant to make Grammar become just a piece of cake with our concept Easy to be expert. You will never worry about Grammar things anymore.


Our private Grammar course focuses on students. No matter what grammatical level you are, we will start from basic grammatical skill to supreme grammatical skill until your Grammar knowledge is completed. We have no level test and we begin with elementary lesson. The course highlight is we focus on each person. If you are not confident with either lessons, you can tell us. We focus what you want to make you completely confident. Our course lessons depend on you.


Private Grammar Course
Number of Students Hour

40 ชม.
1 person 44,000 ฿
2 person
( save 25% )
66,000 ฿
3 person
( save 40% )
79,200 ฿
free 4 hrs
Note :
– Private class, private course – you can design your own schedule.


You can select your own schedule depending on your convenience. If you are really busy or don’t have much time, you will surely manage your course. You can study after your school, after your work, on weekend, on weekday. You can also choose number of hours per day, number of days per week. We really focus on you! Our tutors are well selected. They graduated from Chulalongkorn, Thammasat, universities and also from international universities. Their experiences are just expert especially Grammar lessons. We guarantee your satisfaction. We never stop our improvement. Moreover, our classrooms are private, you have no worry about turbulence atmosphere.


Don’t ignore your concern! Start Now! And worry no more. You will dare to fluently speak. Grammatical test cannot seduce you anymore. Start now with us and your Grammatical skill will be perfect!

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