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Worried or Scared of TU-GET ? Come here!

Have you ever felt worried about finding techniques or finding a way to pass the exam? Nobody to be your guide when reading tutorial books? Still have some weaknesses and don’t know how to fix? Want to have some techniques and test guidelines in short time? Remove your all your worries, we will make you dare to reach your goal. With your own efficiency, our TU-GET course will surely take you to your destination. Worry no more because we confirm your score!


  • Focus on basic grammar
  • Point out main issues and make it easy to remember
  • Small group , everyone has participation
  • Practice makes perfect with many practice tests
  • Cover all reading, vocabulary and grammar
  • With easy techniques for your test day

Climbing to your dream may be not easy but you hope is here to pass this test, to have the bright future and reach your dream. We are glad to be your assistant to enforce and strengthen your knowledge. The test will become easy and be sure you won’t be alone. We will move together and you will be a part of your dream faculty. We make it a piece of cake!!! Make sure you pass!


TU-GET Course- 600+ Guarantee!


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Course details :

  1.  This course is for students who never take TU-GET test or who would like to deeply review Writing and Reading. We starts from basic grammar to practice tests covering structure, writing ability (error identification0, vocabulary (synonym, cloze test), reading comprehension.
  2.  Also suitable for students who would like to get more scores in order to get a scholarship or access to the university.


Teaching Style

  • highlighting from fundamental English grammar to applying practice tests
  • live, standard, small group by P’Ple Team
  • teaching starting from often founded tests to less founded tests


Guarantee TU-GET course : 9,200 THB per person

  • The course for a person who rarely uses English language or wants to get more scores to apply for a scholarship or further study
  • No worry. You pay, you study. We continue opening the course even there is only one person applying for the course. So, you don’t have to worry that the course will be cancelled.