SAT is a standard test for high school students used to apply for college admissions. SAT score can be used for all universities’ applications.



SAT Guarantee

You are not sure to take the test? Maths is too difficult? Too many formulas! Can’t remember them all! Memorize but not recognize! Too many decisions! English is too hard! Worry and want to have good scores! Depressed! Don’t know how to prepare yourself! Can’t solve your failures! Come here and your worries will be gone. We dare to challenge with our long experiences, we guarantee you will easily pass the test. Save your time, apply here!


  • highlighting on Maths vocabs
  • Test practices, boost up your comprehension
  • select appropriate formulas for the test
  • win verbal part easily
  • more techniques to defeat the test
  • guarantee 1,350 points


Widely smile with our SAT course. We will guide everything you need. We begin from basic, and we confirm our comprehensive course. If you are already confident, surely you will have more. We serve you unlimited techniques. You won’t be tricky by the test. The test will be just easy. You can get more points with the best course we have.

You can study at your dream university. No more depressed time. If your time is limited and you can’t learn all lessons by yourself. You are worried and hopeless. You lack confidence and nobody to guide you. Stop everything! Here, we will make you pass the test and get good scores. You will be CU crew. It’s just a piece of cake!


  • focusing on fundamental, make sure you understand all
  • Maths questions practice
  • Test techniques and appropriate formulas for the test
  • Casual atmosphere, all you can ask
  • guarantee 1,250 points


Don’t worry. Don’t scared of losing your dream. Our course comes with comprehensive lessons to make you understand easily. We are professional! Stop afraid of Math’s and English. This time the test is going to be easy. We won’t let you go alone. We will be your guide along the way.


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SB290723 29 ก.ค. – 20 ส.ค. ส-อา 10:00-16:00


10 เปิ้ล
SB020923 2 ก.ย. – 24 ก.ย. ส-อา 10:00-16:00


10 เปิ้ล
SB071023 7 ต.ค. – 29 ต.ค. ส-อา 10:00-16:00


10 เปิ้ล


SAT Registration Process

  1. First of all, open website If you already had an account, fill in your username and password to get into the registration system. If not, click “Sign up”
    SAT Registration 1
  2. Click “I am a student”.
    SAT Registration 2
  3. Fill in your personal information; first name, last name, gender, date of birth, and email. All information must be as correct as on your id card or passport. Please pay attention when filling this section because it cannot be edited after the confirmation has made.
    SAT Registration 3
  4. Fill in your high school graduation and do the following.
    – Click “Outside the U.S.”
    – Fill in your high school’s name or if you are no longer in high school or your school is not on the list, click “I am no longer in high school / My school is not listed.”
    – Create your Username and Password for your next time log in. You make keep note in order not to forget your username and password.
    – Select your security question and answer for your future identity authentication. We recommend choosing the question and answer that you best remember.
    SAT Registration 4
  5. Click “Outside the U.S.” and fill in address in 3 lines. Avoid using special symbols such as (/) and (,) as the system will not allowed. Next, the system will ask whether you would like to receive message notifications or not. If you prefer, click “Get text messages from the College Board….”.
    SAT Registration 5
  6. Click “Send me information about College Board programs” if you would like to receive information about college board programs, if not, please skip to “Parent Information” section. This section will require your parent’s name, last name, and email so you can choose whether you would like your parent to receive email notifications or not. It is not compulsory, but we recommend fill in this section if you rarely check your inbox then click “I agree with the Terms & Conditions.” and “Next”.
    SAT Registration 6
  7. Recheck your information by clicking all check boxes and click “Confirm” button.
    SAT Registration 7
  8. The system will bring you to SAT Registration page, click “Continue” on the right corner at the bottom of the page.
    SAT Registration 8
  9. The system will summarize your information again. Here, you cannot edit your name and last name except your gender and date of birth. Then, the system will let you recheck all information as the information cannot be changed after the registration has been processed.
    SAT Registration 9
  10. Fill in your high school information.
    – On section “Your Expected Graduation Date”, fill in your expected graduation date or equivalent.
    – On section “Current Grade Level”, fill in your current grade level, you can select the grade by the drop-down lists. For other school types, you can compare to Grade level system such as grade 12 is equal to M.6, grade 11 is equal to M.5. Then scroll up to select your name of your high school.
    SAT Registration 10
  11. Click “Outside the United States” and select the country then click “Search for High School”. The system will have international school list for you, you can “Select” the name of your school from the list. For non-international schools or homeschool, click “Can’t find your high school?” and continue ….
    – click “Select” “My high school is not listed” for non-international schools in Thailand
    – click “Select” “I am home-schooled” for Home School
    SAT Registration 11 1SAT Registration 11 2
  12. Fill in your personal information such as nationality, race, graduation level, parent’s graduation, language, and religious then click “Continue”.
    SAT Registration 12 1SAT Registration 12 2SAT Registration 12 3
  13. The system will ask about an extra service “Student Search Service”, the service will provide information about education, colleges/ universities, scholarships and etc. Then, the system will ask about a plan for Advance Placement, follow the instructions below and click “Continue”.
    – For Student Search Service, click “Yes, definitely!” if you prefer or if not, click “No, thanks.”.
    – For Advance Placement, click “Yes….” definitely!” if you have a plan to study or if not, click “No,
    SAT Registration 13 1SAT Registration 13 2
  14. Fill in GPA and your ability in other subjects; Mathematics, Science, and Writing then click “Continue”.
    SAT Registration 14
  15. Fill more information bellows:
    – Subjects you have learned: Math, English, Science, Social Studies and Languages, you will provide details about each subject, how long have you studied, what you have learned, when did you learn or when will you learn each subject. You continue filling one by one subject then click “Continue”.
    – Activities or hobbies
    – University for your further study Information filling in this section will not affect to the score; you can roughly fill it as you want. When you finish each section, click “Continue”. If you have less time, click “Update later” to skip this step but do not forget to finish it later.
  16. Click “I agree to the SAT Terms and Conditions.” and click “Continue”.
    SAT Registration 16
  17. Click “Outside the United States” then select the test type “SAT” or “SAT Subject Test”. Here, we will focus on “SAT”.
    SAT Registration 17
  18. Select your test date which depends on your registration period. The system will show only available test date. The system will ask “Would you like to add the SAT essay at this time?”, you need to check the program requirements before deciding. If you need the essay score, you need to add 16 us dollar.
    SAT Registration 18 1SAT Registration 18 2
  19. Click “No” on section “Testing Accommodations” and “Fee Waiver” except test takers who need physical assistance, click “Yes” for a section “Testing Accommodations” so the test center will provide proper services. If test takers prefer a service after test, click “Question-and-Answer Service”.
  20. The system will take you to the Test Center Selection, select “Thailand” and click “Search by Country or Region” then select the test center you prefer. Most test centers in Thailand are international schools in Bangkok and other provinces. You can click “Select” at the test center you choose.
    If the preferred test center is full, it will not be shown up on the list. Click “Let us find you a test center” to let the college board find the test center for you. Then, the system will show a box written “We’ll Find a Test Center For you”, read and click “Continue”. The system will show the test center table for you to choose again, select the test center you prefer and click “My Ideal Test Center”. The system will summarize your selection, click “Continue” if the information is correct.
    Note: The test center result will be notified within 1 week after your registration and payment are completed. The test center can be or cannot be where you have chosen.
  21. Upload your photo. The size and dimension must be correct as the college board requires. Click the button “Upload Photo”, select the photo from your folder then properly crop your photo and click the button “Save Image” and “Continue”.
    SAT Registration 21 1SAT Registration 21 2SAT Registration 21 3
  22. Next, the system will present test preparation books, if you are interest you can order form the college board in this section, if not, click “Continue”. The system then will summarize all information including your photo, please recheck all information according to a censored example below.
    SAT Registration 22
  23. Next, check your payment and prepare your credit card and click “Make Payment” in a section “Submit your order”. The system will show the message “Confirm Your Information”, click “I agree with this information” then click “Continue”.
  24. Select the payment method and click “Submit”.
  25. Fill in payment detail and click “Submit”. The registration is completed, and you will receive a confirmation email from the College Board.

When the payment is completed and the test center is confirmed, you can print your Admission Ticket. But if you are still waiting your test center confirmation, the Admission Ticket can be printed after the test center has been confirmed. This Admission Ticket will be used to confirm your identity together with your id card or passport. So, it can be printed whenever you want, just make sure you have it on your test date!


What is a good book for SAT preparation?

Which one to choose? Many students always have questions about the preparation books. There are so many SAT preparation books that we can’t decide which one to choose. Some books focus on test practices. Some highlight on explanation and mock tests like a one stop service. Moreover, some books focus only on English while some focus only on Math. Here, Chula tutor is going to be your guide in order to select the best books that fit for you.

1. Collage Board; The Official SAT Study Guide

The first book we are going to talk about is a book published by College Board which is an organization directly operating SAT test. So, the test guidelines and information in the book are quite almost the same as the real test. This book composes of techniques, test examples, and past tests. Moreover, it provides very detailed key answers. Anyone who is a beginner for the test and has never taken the test before is perfectly fit for this “The Official SAT Study Guide” book.

The Princeton Review Crack the SAT PREMIUM
The Princeton Review Crack the SAT PREMIUM

2. The Princeton Review; Crack the SAT PREMIUM

It is one of the SAT preparations books which highly focuses on practice tests. This book is more special than Cracking the SAT since it gives you more practice tests and reviews topics you are going to find in the real test. The highlight one is this book gives you very comprehensive key practice tests.

The Princeton Review Crack the SAT PREMIUM

3. KAPLAN; SAT Prep 2020

This book covers all basic revision topics for the test and is full of hundreds of practice tests. Not only will you see the mock tests but also get techniques and tactics for doing the test. If your math skill is not so proficient, we recommend you keep this book until your math skill is improved.

KAPLAN SAT Prep 2020
KAPLAN SAT Prep 2020


The last SAT preparation book is BARRON’S, SAT PREMIUM STUDY GUIDE. Normally, books from BARRON’s publishing will give you quite difficult practice questions. So, it is suitable for anyone who has a good preparation and has a good background but wants to reassure oneself before the test.


These are SAT preparation books Chula tutor recommend to you. We wish this will help you find the prefect book for your SAT preparation.  Reading books is one of the best ways you can start with. If you are going to take the test or use the score for enrollment, you can early prepare yourself and Chula tutor also has a guaranteed SAT preparation course. If you want to register for the test, just simply fill information online We, Chula tutor, encourage everyone and wish you can pass the test and pursue your dream!


SAT popular questions

What should we do if a test center is fully booked ?

If the test center is fully booked, you can go on SAT website and select a menu “Let us find a test center” which is below the test center schedule in order to let the College Board find the test center for you. After selecting the menu, you can fill information and take the payment and wait the reply email to inform the test center. The waiting process will take approximately 1 week.

Can we change the test center?

Yes, you can do it on the website. Select the menu registration and edit your information. You can log in and do it by yourself.

What should I prepare on the test date?

On the test date, you must bring your Admission ticket with you. If you have registered many rounds, you have to be careful about the Admission Ticket. Make sure you bring the right one. Apart from the Admission Ticket, you must take an ID card or a passport, a 2B pencil and an approved calculation which you can find more information about on the registration system.


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