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Being a MUIC student is not that hard. With our tutorial style and Live course along with background and technique, taking the test can be easier. The sooner you prepare, the winner you become.

คอร์ส MUIC

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คอร์ส MUIC 46,000 บาท

Private MUIC course

Nowadays, there are a lot of competitions especially in language ability. Students would like to continue their studies in International programs more and more because of language advantage after graduation. Language ability is the advantage in your real life such as job application and business communication. So, anyone who would like to study at MUIC must oneself ready to compete with others. Here, Chulatutor is willing to be your assistant to take you to your destination. We prepare you with our intensive courses, new teaching style and full of techniques. You will be worried no more.

  • Focus on speaking, listening, and writing skills for TOEFL
  • fulfill your grammatical skill
  • Highlight test techniques and main points to make your test become easier
  • Boost up your confidence
  • Relaxed classroom, all you can ask


You need all your endeavor to follow your dream. We will enforce and support you along the way. Stop worrying! Let start your journey with our MUIC course. Let us be your super tutor!


Private MUIC Course
Number of students Hour

20 hr.
30 hr.

40 hr.
1 person 22,000 ฿ 33,000 ฿ 44,000 ฿
2 person
( save 25% )
33,000 ฿ 49,500 ฿ 66,000 ฿
3 person
( save 40% )
39,600 ฿ 59,400 ฿ 79,200 ฿
แถมฟรี 2 ชม. แถมฟรี 4 ชม.
Note :
– Private course at the school – you can select your own schedule.


MUIC is Mahidol University International College. There are 4 admission sessions for MUIC all year; February, May, June, and October.

MUIC Programs

1) Bachelor of Business Administration
– Business Economics
– Finance
– International Business
– Marketing
– International Hospitality Management

2) Bachelor of Science
– Biological Sciences
– Chemistry
– Computer Science
– Environmental Science
– Food Science and Technology
– Physics

3) Bachelor of Arts
– Communication Design
– Social Science
– Intercultural Studies and Languages

4) Bachelor of Engineering
– Computer Engineering

5) Bachelor of Communication Arts
– Media and Communication

MUIC Application

please click Application Process at MUIC

MUIC Admissions

There are 4 subjects for MUIC Admissions;

  1. MUIC TOEFL or ITP TOEFL : Listening + Structure(Grammar) + Reading
  2. Writing
  3. Mathematics
  4. Interview Preparation

Anyone who is interested in MUIC Preparation courses such as MUIC TOEFL or ITP TOEFL, Writing , Mathematics or interview preparation, Chulatutor has all courses for you.

MUIC Announcement

You can check your result at

MUIC Programs fee


Program fee Thai students (THB) Foreigners (THB)
Business Administration
International Business 653,600 860,400
Finance 653,600 860,400
Information System 653,600 860,400
Marketing 653,600 860,400
Business Economics 653,600 860,400
International Hospitality Management 662,400 873,600
Television Production 1,236,800 1,508,400
Communication Design 993,600 1,190,400
Social Science 636,000 834,400
Applied Mathematics 715,600 950,300
Biological Sciences 715,600 950,300
Chemistry 715,600 950,300
Computer Science 715,600 950,300
Environmental Science 715,600 950,300
Food Science and Technology 715,600 950,300
Physics 715,600 950,300
Computer Engineering 715,600 950,300

Note : The program fee can be changed.


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