Learn Thai Course for Foreigners. Easy Understand and Surely speak!

learn thai language

Thai Language Course for Foreigners, Easy understand and Surely speak!

This course is foreigners who live or work in Thailand and want to understand more about Thai Language. This course “Thai Language course” should not be missed. The course is designed by professional tutor from Chulatutor. We can teach you from basic Thai language to advance Thai language. After finishing the course, you can surely speak with more and more understand Thai language.

Learn Thai language for Foreigners

Chulatutor has designed “Learn Thai language” course for foreigners who are working, living , studying in or moving to Thailand. This course has also designed for anyone who wants to study Thai language and understand more about Thai context which can be applied in working. This course will increase your skill in Thai language starting from the basic. The course is classified into many levels to match each student’s need.

Learn Thai for Foreigners

Although Thai language is quite unique, many foreigners confirm that “it’s not that difficult.” You can start learning Thai language whenever you want to. Our school seriously designs the course in order to be applied in real life. The course is responsible by Thai Tutor who has experience in teaching Thai language and can fluently communicate in English. So, you don’t have to be worried.


Learn Thai language for Organization

For offices and organizations that want to have their employees learn Thai language for correct and efficient communication, Chulatutor has especially designed Thai language course for offices and organizations. The course focuses on speaking in everyday life and developing business speaking skills. Our tutor has a lot of techniques and direct experience in teaching Thai language. So, the class will be easygoing together with the comfort atmosphere, we guarantee that the employees will be surely confident in Thai speaking after the course is done.

Learn Thai language course for workers

For foreigner workers in Thailand, they might want to communicate in Thai and understand more about Thai language in many contexts to make their livings easier. Chulatutor has Thai language course for workers. We teach from fundamental language skill to advance language skill to make sure the knowledge can be applied in real life. Workers will definitely can communicate with their colleagues, customers, suppliers, and it will finally make their life easier in Thai context.

Academic Thai language course

For foreigners who want to deeply study Thai language in order to apply the language in academic way. Chulatutor has opened academic Thai language course for whoever wants to study Thai language in depth. In this course, students will understand and practice using difficult Thai vocabularies which are used in higher level communication and more complex situation. However, there is no concern for the students because our tutor has special skill and technique to make the language easy to learn so the world of Thai language of the students will finally be wide opened.

Learn Thai language for Children

For foreigner parents who want their children to start learning Thai language to extend their language skills in the future, Thai language course at Chulatutor is the best choice for you. We teach from basic speaking skill and the course is responsible by professional tutor. The classroom will highlight on children’s participation, enjoyment, and comfortable environment. Children can more fluently and actively speak Thai language than before.

Learn Thai language course at your Office

Chulatutor has also provided Thai language course at your office or organization. Our tutor will go teaching on site to facilitate all your foreigner employees. There is no worry if your employees have no Thai language background because we will start teaching from basic speaking to speaking in everyday life situation and in office. We guarantee your satisfaction.

Learn Thai language course at Chulatutor

For those foreigners who is interested in studying a Thai language course at Chulatutor, our tutor is proudly presented a tailor-made Thai language course for each person. The course covers all necessary lessons. Students will have many practice lessons with experienced people to develop their language skill and make them understand more about using Thai language in real life. Chulatutor has private classroom to enhance student’s concentration. Once you have finished our course, your Thai speaking will obviously be better.

Online Thai language course

Foreigners who want to learn Thai language but are not convenient to study on site, there is an online course available for you. The course will be operated through Zoom meeting with experienced tutor. Students can choose their own schedule. Tutor will create the course and apply the lessons to match each student’s skill and communication purpose. Also, tutors will make the students feel relaxed and make the lessons easy to understand. Students will finally feel confident when they speak Thai.

Cost for Learn Thai

We guarantee the price and the quality for learning Thai at Chulatutor. The price is for one by one course which you can choose both online and on site

Number of students20 hrs.30 hrs.40 hrs.
1 person22,000 THB33,000 THB44,000 THB
2 persons (save cost 25%)33,000 THB49,500 THB66,000 THB
3 persons (save cost 40%)39,600 THB59,400 THB79,200 THB
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