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IELTS test is coming!!! You are still unprepared. You background is not good. Your English is just elementary level. You don’t have time to take a long course. You really need IELTS scores and so worried now. What should you do? Forget all your concern. We have a special course to solve your problems. All problems – poor listening skill, can’t catch the idea of the listening talk, not familiar with British accent, slow reading, bad writing, not fluently speaking, having no speaking techniques – are gone. We are your assistant to help you defeat the test. You can boost up any skills you want.

First, let us know about IELTS. If you know the test well, you will have a suitable preparation. The most important is a good and right preparation which make you go half way to your success.

IELTS stands for International English Language Testing System. It is the world’s most popular English Language proficiency test for international higher education. The test consists of listening speaking, reading, and writing part. The test has 2 types : Academic Module which is used for further study in bachelor degree and above and General Training Module. The overall score is 9.0. The score will be separated in to each part score and overall score. There are 2 test centers in Thailand. One is British Council and the other is IDP. There are many test periods which are on Saturday and Thursday. Applicants can select any period they want. If your test happens on Saturday, you may have speaking test on the sameday or on Sunday. You will not have a chance to know what time your speaking test will be. So, please be prepared before the test day will come.

To be well prepared is really important. How well your preparation will affect your test. But it doesn’t mean that if you have not enough time to prepare, you will not have a good score. The right preparation also involve with your score, too. You can have good score, if you have good techniques. Now, you may want to know more about this short cut preparation. We, Chulatutor, have an assistant waiting for you. With our Private IELTS course (only you and tutor), you can design your own course ; content, date, time and style. You may want to study all parts or only some parts. You may want to start from beginning or focus on doing the past papers. We focus on you!. We know that different people have different requirements. You have different backgrounds and different perception. Some people are quick learning while some are slow learning. The type of course is the right choice for you. If you have limited time and you can’t predict your free time, this course is very suitable. If you don’t know how to design your own course, we are ready to be your consultant. We provide you our professional and efficient tutors. They comes with many techniques. You can be sure that out tutors will ready to help you!

Private IELTS Course

Step from your former learning to our new style. You can design your own course. Any of these problems will be gone. For example ; your background is not so good, your learning is slow, you can’t predict your free time, you never take the test before, you are not familiar with British accent, you are not good at essay writing and formal speaking. Private IELTS course at Chulatutor can help you. With our new style teaching. Your IELTS experience will not be the same anymore.


Private IELTS Course
Number of students Hour

20 hr.
30 hr.

40 hr.
1 person 22,000 ฿ 33,000 ฿ 44,000 ฿
2 person
( save 25% )
33,000 ฿ 49,500 ฿ 66,000 ฿
3 person
( save 40% )
39,600 ฿ 59,400 ฿ 79,200 ฿
แถมฟรี 2 ชม. แถมฟรี 4 ชม.
Note :
– Private course at the school – you can select your own schedule.


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