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Before you jump to the test. Don’t forget to be well prepared! We guarantee our IELTS for ABAC course. Live and worth your money! The course covers all 4 skills; listening, speaking, reading and writing.

Believe it or not? Even your English background is not good, you can easily access to ABAC. You are preparing to apply for ABAC but you don’t want to study Intensive course. You are now ABAC student but English course in the university is very challenging and you are unhappy to study. It’s take a long journey to pass each course. You pass English 3 but get stuck in English 4 which is the final subject before you graduate!! You feel anxious and serious. We,Chulatutor, know how you feel, so we provide many assistants to make you reach your dream destination.

Assumption University or ABAC is a leading private university in Thailand. This university focus on using English in the curriculum. The university is the early university where English is much focused and it makes this university become remarkably international. The university has many cooperative institutions from many countries worldwide. If you hesitate where to start your bachelor degree, let ABAC be one of your choices.

Only you have at least GPA 2.5, you can apply here. If you only submit GPA, you will have to take Intensive course in order to prepare your English, Maths and other subjects’ knowledge. The Intensive course will involve with the course you apply. After you finish your Intensive course, you will be tested and the test result will be used to classified your schedule in first semester. This is very fatigued. But if you have TOEFL score of more than 60 (iBT) or 500 (pBT), IELTS score of more than 5.0, the Intensive English course will be excepted. If you have SAT MATHS score of more than 500 points, your Intensive Maths course will be only 15 hours left (normally 30-60 hours). So, if you possess these scores, just submit them with your application form.

Moreover, with IELTS or TOEFL score, you won’t have to take English course during your undergraduate study. Usually, without IELTs or TOEFL score, you have to register 4 English courses ; English I,II,III and IV which English I is the easiest and English IV is the hardest but with the scores, some of the courses can be skipped so you can pass up to higher courses. For example, you have IELTS score of 6.5, TOEFL (iBT) of 90 or TOEFL (pBT) pf 575, you can choose to

– Skip English I and II and get A in English III or
– Skip English I, II and III and get C in English IV

The best thing is you have a good GPA so we recommend you’d rather choose A in English III and take IELTS or TOELF (iBT) or TOEFL (pBT) again to get higher scores of 7.0, 100 and 600 respectively, with new scores you can get A in English IV, the hardest of them all.

You can see that if you have IELTS or TOEFL scores, you can save your time and you can spend the rest of the time doing university’s activities or registering other courses. The advantage is you can retake these tests as many as you can until you are satisfied with the score. The tests are also available in many periods.

For those who are already ABAC students and are fighting against English I-IV, taking IELTS or TOEFL are recommended. Especially those who are studying English IV, the last course, we suggest you submit IELTS or TOEFL score as you have more chance to take the test and these tests can be easily predicted compared to English IV.

At Chulatutor, we know that ABAC students feel anxious about studying English both Intensive course and general English courses (English I,II,III,IV). Some students are expecting to graduation but still get stuck on English IV. We feel your concern and pressure. We know you are tired. Forget these troubles, our professional course will make you become expert in short period. Anyone who hesitate to apply for IELTS or TOEFL, we recommend you take IELTS. IELTS is easier than TOEFL in overall comparison. IELTS has less complexity and IELTS vocabularies is not too difficult. The best advantage is IELTS can be taken at ABAC directly.

Before you jump to the test. Don’t forget to be well prepared! We guarantee our IELTS for ABAC course. Live and worth your money! The course covers all 4 skills; listening, speaking, reading and writing. We underline and dig into the test guideline. We also prepare your foundation. Despite your weak background, you can surely study. It is a small class so everyone thoroughly participates. All you can directly ask. More special with our Free Key practices VDO. After the class, you still can review your lessons at home. Don’t miss our precious course! The course is designed with our concept “easy to be expert”. So, we assure that we provide many techniques to prepare you ready for the test!


คอร์ส IELTS ABAC รับรองผล 


รหัสคอร์ส วันเรียน รอบ เวลา หมายเหตุ เหลือที่นั่ง อาจารย์
IB130822 13 ส.ค. – 11 ก.ย. ส-อา 10:00-16:00


3 ฟิวส์,เอมิ,vova
IB150822 15 ส.ค. – 15 ก.ย. จ-พฤ 18:00-20:30
0 ฟิวส์,เอมิ,vova

อัตาราค่าเรียน 19,500 บาท


Course details: The course starts from basic grammar, writing, reading, speaking listening to practicing the test.


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