Want to study in international Medicine? We know that many of you really want because international Medicine is very popular today. Not only Science knowledge but also English language, speaking, listening, writing, and reading, are required to take this test. You will see that BMAT always requires scores from both of them. Only missing one skill, you may miss the program. Let’s get fit now!


Apart from those subjects, one more requirement is BMAT. You may have heard about it but we believe some of you might not know it. Today, we will get to know this test together. and you will surely say “I know this” especially those who want to apply for international Medicine of Chulalongkorn University, Thammasat University and Mahidol University. Don’t miss it!


BMAT or Biomedical Admission Test is a test for students who want to further study in international Medicine and also Biomedical Sciences, Dentistry. The measurement depends on each university.


All answers about BMAT application, preparation
All answers about BMAT application, preparation

BMAT is divided into three sections as following:


BMAT Section 1 : Aptitude and Skills

Generic skills in problem solving, understanding arguments and data analysis and inference

35 multiple choice questions

60 minutes


BMAT Section 2 : Scientific Knowledge and Applications

ability to apply scientific knowledge typically covered in school Science and Mathematics by the age of 16 (M.4) (for example, GCSE in the UK and IGCSE internationally)

27 multiple choice questions

30 minutes


BMAT Section 3 : Writing Task

ability to select, develop and organize ideas, and to communicate them in writing, concisely and effectively.

one writing task from a choice of three questions

30 minutes

For further details, visit http://admissiontestingservice.org.


The highest points and lowest points in BMAT Section 1 and 2 are 9 and 1 respectively. Normally, universities require 5-6 points. Section 3 has two score types, 0-5 points and A,C,E. There will be 2 committee to give those two score types then the final average score will be calculated. For example, if the first committee gives you 4C and another gives you 4A, the final score is 4B.


Now you know about BMAT test and you might feel worried whether you can pass it or not. We guarantee if you are well-prepared, you can win any tests. Some people have weak background and are not good at Science, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Calculation, Language. Some are anxious as the test comes in English language and you will face with technical vocabularies in some subjects. Furthermore, you have to write an essay in the Writing task which requires English writing skill. All of these can build up a lot of pressure.


Private BMAT Course

Either you feel worried or you are not good at so many things, Chulatutor will become your assistant to make you win BMAT test. We focus on your weakness. It’s not a problem if you are not sure what your weaknesses are because we can be your guide. Our course will make you become smarter, more ready for BMAT test. We highlight on Science, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Maths, and English. You don’t have to be anxious alone. Our tutors are expert and have a lot of techniques which you can’t discover all alone.


BMAT Private Course
Number of Students Hours

20 Hours

30 Hours

40 Hours
1 person 22,000 ฿ 33,000 ฿ 44,000 ฿
2 person
( save 25% )
33,000 ฿ 49,500 ฿ 66,000 ฿
3 person
( save 40% )
39,600 ฿ 59,400 ฿ 79,200 ฿
Free 2 hours Free 4 hours
Note :
– Private course and Private class, you can design your own schedule.


Private BMAT Course at Chulatutor focuses on each student. Forget all problems; little background, busy schedule, you can design your own schedule to fit your lifestyle. Some people may want to have longer class to finish the course quicker. Some people may want shorter and more classes. Some people may want to start from fundamental lesson or some people may want to practice more past papers and focus more on test technique. Some want more homework or some want to practice together with tutors. We can serve what you want.


No more difficult BMAT, only easy one that counts. Despite long and complex questions, deep analysis, hard essay, we believe you can do this with your own efficiency. You can show your all ability.


Nothing to worry about at Chulatutor. We are your special assistant for BMAT test. We are welcome to be with you to your dream faculty with our concept “Easy to be Expert.


How to register for BMAT Test

There are Authorized Agents who will organize and operate the test in each country worldwide. However, some people may not know where to take BMAT in Thailand. So, we will explain how to apply BMAT starting from this official BMAT website : https://www.admissionstesting.org/find-a-centre/


How to register for BMAT
How to register for BMAT
1. Find your nearest Test Center by open “Find a Test Center” page on a website which is a main page to find your nearest test center.
2. Find your test Center on your location by scroll down and you will see “Search for an authorized test center” and a world map. Fill your information in red circles then

  • Select Country: Thailand
  • Select a region/province: select the location where you live for example; if you live in Bangkok or surrounding areas, you should select Central Thailand. If you live in Khon Kan, you should select Northeastern Thailand. If you live in Chieng Mai or Chieng Rai, you should select Northern Thailand. If you stay in Phuket or Song kla, you should select Southern Thailand.
  • Select a city: you will select the city where you are going to take the test, click search and the system will find the test center for you.

**There may be test centers in many locations, choose the nearest test center.


Certified BMAT Test Centers from Cambridge Assessment in Thailand

After you know how to choose your nearest test center, let’s see Test Centers and Locations in Thailand as below table;

BMAT Test Centers Details
Central Area of Thailand
Bangkok Bangkok Capwise (TH264) Tel +66816822851
British Council Bangkok (TH001) Tel +026575631
Cicm Thammasat University (TH670) Tel +66 0805858844
Chonburi Capwise Chonburi (TH269) Tel +66816822851
North Eastern of Thailand
Nakornratchasima Capwise Nakhon Ratchasima (TH30) Tel +66816822851
Khon Kaen Khon Kaen Capwise (TH266) Tel +66816822851
Northern of Thailand
Chieng Mai Chiang Mai Capwise (TH265) Tel +66816822851
Pitsanulok Capwise Phitsanulok (TH270) Tel +66816822851
Southern of Thailand
Phuket British International School Phuket (TH109) Tel +6676335555
Phuket Headstart International School (TH068) Tel +66 0 76 612 875
Song khla Songkhla Capwise (TH267) Tel +66816822851


Things you should know before applying BMAT Test

Cambridge Admission informs that each test center may have different registration period so please check the registration time at your test center. Cambridge Admission main website does not inform any exact registration period of any test center. Some test centers may have many applicants and have limited seats so you should early check your information. The registration process may be different, some test centers allow to make an online registration, others require filling registration documents and upload on the website. Basically, the information needed is the same and CU tutor has a description for you as following;


BMAT Registration by filling registration form

  1. Mostly start from downloading registration form. From the sample, it is a CICM test center which you can download from CICM website www.cicm.tu.ac.th.
  2. Completely filling your information, signing your name and date of registration
  3. Print your Pay in Slip to pay registration fee
  4. Sending your registration copy and your payment slip within due date
  5. Check your information, payment, and other involved documents


1. BMAT registration form page 1

  • the sample is in 2020 but we think it should not be much different in 2021.
  • Centre Details is a center information that will show about your test center. Here is CICM at Thammasat University and it will show the address, telephone number, and email of this test center.
  • Candidate Details is a personal information. Completely fill it and beware of confusing between Family name and First name.
2. BMAT registration form page 2 and page 3

On page 2, select your preferred university by checking the box. each check box will have the information as below;

  • the first column is names of universities or institutes you wish to study.
  • the second column is Course code, to select which box depending on which faculty you want to study.
  • the third column is Course name which means your faculty or your field of study.
  • The below row “Other” can be filled if your universities or institutes are not in the provided list.
3. BMAT registration form page 4
This page shows information about payment details and access arrangements.

  • Maximum of 25% extra time; this extra is only for a person with disability or illness, the test time will be expanded to maximum of 25%.
  • Reason for Access Arrangement request; you need to attach evidences such as medical certificate.
  • Examination admission fee 6,500 THB (in 2020)
  • Late admission fee 2,000 THB if you register late.
  • All information in this page, check the box “examination fee 6,500 THB column” if you did not register late, do not check the “2,000 THB column”
4. BMAT registration form page 5

This page will explain Data Protection notice and consent. you can read all information in red highlight paragraph. Distortion or False information may be affected your registration status. After you have read it, sign your name and date in the red circles below.

How to register BMAT Test on a website

Test centers in universities or institutes often use registration form and registration process through their websites. To register on a website, you have to create your account or sign up to be a member of the website in order to continue to BMAT registration process. The sample is from Capwise’s institute.

1. Timeline : This page is a November 2020 Timeline showing from registration date to result notification date
2. Sign Up: You start signing up by registering with your email and setting your own password. Paragraphs below are data protection notice and consent which is the same as Paper registration format.
3. Personal Info: after you click “Register” button, you will have to fill in your personal info. Recheck all information you have filled before moving to the next page.
4. University : after filling your personal info, the next step is selecting institutions you will apply for like the above paper form.
5. Access Arrangement: this page is for disability or special requirement persons only. You can choose your preference or requirement in the checklist. Select the box that you prefer.
6. Select Test Center: You can only select one test center from the list. Each province will show a test center for you such as Bangkok – JJ Mall but the test room will not be showed at this time.
7. Payment: You can choose to pay via mobile banking or transaction at the counter.


** After the system has received your payment, a confirmation email will be sent to your inbox. So, do not forget to check your inbox after the payment is completed.


Checklists for BMAT Registration and Test Result Checking

Topic Detail
Important information for BMAT Registration Personal information – name, address, phone number, email, identity number, university and faculty you want to study
Registration Select your test center and start registration.
You can choose authorized test center that is certified by Cambridge Admission. You can fill the registration form either online or paper depending on each test center’s registration process.
Fill your general information that you already prepared such as name, date of birth, gender, address, and university and faculty you want to study. Pay your test fee and send the payment slip then wait for the confirmation email.
BMAT Result Checking You can check your score on 26th November, 2021 by logging in at Metritests system (https://www.metritests.com/metrica/default.aspx) that you will receive this information on the test date

** The score will not be sent to your test center, only online checking on Metritests system is available.

Result Checking at Metritests Get into website Metritests from the above link. Fill in your information that you have received on your test date and click “Share Results”

Choose the university that you want to be received your score by selecting “Institute Name” and select “Course Details” then click save. After this process, the university can automatically access to your score when the score is officially announced.

Before the score will be announced, you can add or delete your universities’ list. You can do nothing after the score is officially announced. Your selected universities will immediately receive your score once your score is announced.
How to use BMAT Score You can take the test only once when the registration is opened. The two-time test is not fair as it can be confusing. For example, if you take the test twice, in September and in July, the test scores will be sent to your listed universities and this will be very confusing.
BMAT score is valid only one year. (normally, in the year that you take the test.) BMAT score cannot be repeatedly used. If you take BMAT in 2022, your score in 2021 will absolutely not be considered. Only the new score will be considered in each year.


Book Reviews – BMAT Preparation

Doctors-to-be must not miss this review section. Those who pursue your dream to study in Medical School may have heard of BMAT or Biomedical Admissions Test, the score of which is required for admission to most Medical Schools. BMAT is a test that cannot be taken frequently; moreover, the test contains several sections with specific contents. For this test nature, we often see BMAT candidates prepare themselves hard through very intensive reading.

In this review, we are recommending a couple of BMAT preparation guidebooks to suit your interests and preferences.

Let’s start with “The Official Guide to the Biomedical Admission Test.” It is aimed for those, especially the beginners, who have never taken BMAT before. As the Office Guide published by the BMAT administrators themselves, the book contains the necessary detail of how to answer each type of questions together with helpful tips. “The Official Guide to the Biomedical Admission Test” also provides you with summaries of key points essential to the examination.

book preparing for the bmat

Another guidebook is designed for those who focus on doing more question exercises. THE ULTIMATE BMAT GUIDE : 800 PRACTICE QUESTIONS is filled with a large collection of test questions— approximately 800 items. Apart from the vast collection of BMAT related exercises, the book also contains 3 sets of complete test papers for you to practice and time yourselves with tests similar to the actual ones.

book the ultimate bmat guide

Here comes the last review. If you still want to practice doing additional BMAT exercises, these two guidebooks, “BMAT PAST PAPER Work Solutions: Volumes 1&2”, are recommended. Both of them contain test papers from previous examinations with explanatory answers. These two volumes are suitable for students with adequate background knowledge on the contents in the examination. Obviously, those quiz-taking lovers should not miss both volumes.

book bmat past paper

Lastly, all of these guidebook series are recommended for BMAT candidates. Whether you prefer books with lots of detail or books with tons of question items, you can choose the guidebook according to your preferences. In addition to the mentioned self-study with these guidebooks, having a private tutor who can help you understand the content better or enrolling a BMAT course specifically designed to save your preparation is an excellent idea, Our institute, Chula Tutor, offers both private and group-based BMAT courses with complete detail of all sections in the examination.


BMAT – FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions)

Are you allowed calculator in BMAT ?

You are not allowed to use calculator on BMAT. You may use calculator on your BMAT practice. Actually, BMAT mainly assesses on skills that are used in undergraduate study: problem solving, understanding argument, data analysis and inference. If you deeply understand on that matters, using calculator or not does not affect that much. Although, some problems are like math’s problems, you can estimate them.

How do I prepare for BMAT ?

You can find many resources to help you prepare for BMAT. The first thing to do is check what you need to know and understand, then make a plan for studying or doing practices yourself. After that you can download practice papers or past papers from BMAT website. You have to review answers and explained answers. The most important thing is you must do practice papers under timed condition.

How many questions are on the BMAT ?

For BMAT section 1, it consists of 35 multiple choices questions. In BMAT section 2, you will provided with 27 multiple choices questions. For section 3, there are 4 essays for you to choose; each essay option is based on a short quote or statement. These can be scientific or medically-related, but often aren’t. You have to answer only one question to express your ideas clearly and concisely.

Is calculator allowed in BMAT ?

No. Calculator cannot be uses on BMAT. You may use calculator on your BMAT practice only. Actually, BMAT mainly assesses on skills that are used in undergraduate study: problem solving, understanding argument, data analysis and inference. If you deeply understand on that matters, using calculator or not does not affect that much. Although, some problems are like math problems, you can estimate them. Furthermore, you should develop yourself when doing practice in several skills under time pressure.


Downlaod BMAT past papers 

The Insider is Guide to The BMAT Exam

BMAT Past Papers 1

BMAT Past Papers 2

BMAT Past Papers 3

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