TOEIC Test 28

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TOEIC Test 28
By chulatutor   on 19/05/18

TOEIC Test 28


1. What’s all that noise ? What __________________ ?

A. Has gone on
B. Went on
C. Goes on
D. Is going on

2. Alex is very __________________ what he said.

A. Sorry for
B. Sorry in
C. Sorry with
D. Sorry by

3. The judge __________________ the accused for the murder of the company guard.

A. Injected
B. Indited
C. Indicted
D. Injured

4. Someone has __________________ my credit cards.

A. Kidnapped
B. Arrested
C. Robbed
D. Stolen

5. The boys scaled the mountains, ___________________ ?

A. Didn’t they
B. Wasn’t they
C. Hadn’t they
D. Wouldn’t they

6. All members must agree to __________________ the club regulations.

A. Be over and above
B. Beat about
C. Abide by
D. Account for

7. She will be __________________.

A. The dancer
B. A dancer
C. An dancer
D. Dancer

8. Jane had a difficult childhood. She __________________ a broken home.

A. Came to
B. Came by
C. Came from
D. Came in

9. It’s __________________ that the poor should pay such high taxes.

A. Outrageous
B. Opaque
C. Evasive
D. Genteel

10. The river is __________________ today.

A. Insane
B. Damned
C. Capable
D. Shallow

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