IELTS writing Day 6 – (Diagram, Flow chart)

Also, be ready for the hard cases. You may be given three sets of bar charts or a bar chart with a pie chart. Make sure to mention the relationship between the charts. Here is my suggestion. Practice writing with sample topics and find someone to score you. Read the model essay as much as you can with diverse type of tasks. Hopefully, you’ll see the repetitive pattern that can be a vital point in your development.

Express way to IELTS in 20 days # 7 – IELTS writing (Connector 2, Problem and solution essay, Cause and effect essay)

For this type of essay, you will be given a problem and asked to provide solutions, accompanied with related examples or supporting evidence. The problem will mostly comes form of How-question. However, you may be asked What is the best way to …..? or What can be done to ….?. For sample topics of problem and solution essay, go to this site.

How to get good score in IELTS Reading in 10 days

I would focus on how you can improve your reading skills for IELTS reading and I hope you enjoyed the IELTS Reading post

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