IELTS on the go 3 – IELTS Reading
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This article will go through IELTS Reading. IELTS Reading part is an academic reading, focusing on your understand in using English language and your ability in analyzing ideas of the passages. The test will cover grammar, vocabularies and English structure. Many students feel nervous when do this part and could not manage it in time. So, this article will give you 10 basic rules you should have before doing the reading test.

Express way to IELTS in 20 days#13 – IELTS writing (Table, Pie chart)
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In report essay, there are five general points that should be noted. No matter what type of graphic data is given.
(1) What the graphic is representing, which will be given in the task paper. What you have to do is to paraphrase it.
(2) Continue with general picture of the data including distinctive features of the graphic by looking for highest-lowest, largest-smallest, best-worst, longest-shortest, tallest-shortest, or deepest-highest.
(3) Make comparison and suggest the trend of the data.
(4) End with a conclusion idea.

Express way to IELTS in 20 days# 3 – Grammar (Agreements, Comparison, Modifiers 1)
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There are three kinds of agreements in English that you need to understand; subject-verb agreement, pronoun agreement, and number agreement. Take your time to review this topic because it will strengthen up your grammar foundation.

How to Prepare for IELTS
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So if you know that your next step is to study abroad (UK/AUSTRALIA/CANADA). Then you have to clear the IELTS first. Here are some steps how you can make it to your expectations.