TOEIC Listening

TOEIC Listening Preparation Techniques

TOEIC listening consists of 4 parts :

TOEIC Listening Part 1: There are 10 photographs and you will hear the tape speaking 4 sentences about each photograph. You will have to select the best sentence that best describe each photograph.

Techniques: before the tape starts, you must look at the photographs carefully and try to imagine the vocabularies you are going to hear. For example, if there is a man watching TV in the photograph, you will imagine these words “A man” “television” “watching” and when the tape starts, you will clearly understand as you have imagined before. From our experiences, we know that there will be some difficult questions to trick you. For example, you can see the outstanding activities from people in the photographs but the test will ask you to describe other things which are not outstanding and you have to more carefully look at the photographs again. For example, you will see a woman selling fish in the market and she wears rubber gloves and about to cut her fish, we may imagine words like “fish” “sell” “market” “a woman” but the correct answer is “A woman is wearing rubber gloves”. So, you must be concentrated and carefully look at each photograph.

TOEIC Test part Listening Preparation Techniques

TOEIC Listening Part 2: You will not see both questions and choices in your test paper so you must listen what the tape said very carefully. This part is like question and answer conversation and each conversation will provide you 3 choices. You must notice that the correct answer is to answer what the question really ask. For example, the questions ask “Where is the meeting room?” The choices are “1. They are leaving the room.” “2. It’s the first room on the right.” “3. To meet the new director.” You must select choice No.2 It’s the first room on the right. This part only has 3 choices to choose so your chance to get scores is higher than other parts which have 4 choices. You should notice the beginning words in each question such as Who, What, When, Where, Why, How and your answer will be easier to find.

TOEIC Listening Part 3: You will hear 2 people speaking a conversation in each question. After the conversation finishes, you will have to select the correct answer from the 3 choices, the questions and the choices are provided in the test paper. The difficulty of this part is the length of each conversation. If you can’t listen to the whole conversation, you may not have enough information to answer. You may take note during the conversation or you may scan the question and choices first in order to understand the conversation more quickly.

TOEIC Listening Part 4: Part 3 and Part 4 are alike. But Part 4 is a talk instead of a conversation. You will hear one speaker said the talk. You should read the questions and choices before the tape starts in order to more understand and catch the idea quicker.

The last technique is do not be panic if you miss some questions in each conversation. Everyone can have a mistake. If you miss one question, continue to the next questions and try to remove irrelevant choices. You will see that if you have techniques for each part, TOEIC is not that difficult anymore.

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