TOEIC is the Test of English in International Communication which is an international standard test. The test will measure everyday English especially in working. The test is designed by Educational Testing Service (ETS), Princeton, New Jersey, USA which is a certified organization producing many English tests such as TOEFL, GMAT, GRE,and SAT.


In Thailand, there are many well-known organizations where TOEIC scores are required such as Airlines business, Hotel business, Petroleum and Chemical industry, Automobile industry, International hospitals and many global companies. TheTOEIC scores are used in considering candidates’ skill in English communication in order to get higher salary, be promoted or be a part in aboard seminar. Today, there are two types of TOEIC test :


  1. TOEIC Listening and Reading Test
  2. TOEIC Speaking and Writing Test (starting in April, 2009)

Of the two types, TOEIC Listening and Reading Test is the most popular and will always be held at any TOEIC Test Centers. TOEIC Speaking and Writing Test will be occasionally held a few times a month. Anyone interested in taking the TOEIC Speaking and Writing Test must check the test timetable from TOEIC Test Centers. In Thailand, TOEIC Listening and Reading Test is more preferable and no one would ever fail TOEIC test and the scores depend on your language capability. TOEIC scores rank from 10 to 990 points.


How to TOEIC Registration


TOEIC Test Centers in Thailand

  1. Main Bangkok Test Center

Center for Professional Assessment (Thailand)

TOEIC® Services

Suite 1907, 19th floor, Bangkok Business Building (BB) (next to Grammy Building)

54 Asoke Road Sukhumvit

Bangkok 10110 Thailand

Tel. 02-260-7061, 02-259-3990

Fax 02-664-3122

Open : Monday – Saturday (close on Center’s holiday)

  1. Main Northern TOEIC Test Center, Chiang Mai (Northern Region)

Fl. 3 Nawarat Building

4/6 Kaewnawarat Rd. Soi 3

Chiang Mai 50000 Thailand

Tel. 053-241273, 053-241-274, 053-241-275

Fax 053-248-208

Open : Monday – Saturday (close on Center’s holiday)


Other Thailand TOEIC Test Centers

  • KhonKaen Test Center

KhonKaen University 123 Mitraparp Road AmphoeMuengKhonKaen 40002 THAILAND

Tel. 043-204-537 , 089-715-2002

  • Ko Rat Test Center

Language Institution, Nakhon Ratchasima Rajabhat University

340 NaiMueang, Mueang Nakhon Ratchasima District, Nakhon Ratchasima 30000

Tel. 044-272-825

E-mail :

  • Lampang Test Center

LampangRajabhat University

119 M.9 Lampang-Maetha Rd., TambonChompoo,Muang, Lampang52100

Tel. 081-603-7465. 084-176-4936

  • Phuket Test Center

Prince of Songkla University, Phuket Campus

80 moo 1 Vichitsongklam road Kathu Distric Phuket 83120

Tel: 076-276-012, 076-276-013

Fax: 076-276-002

  • Song Khla Test Center

Prince of Songkla University, Hat Yai Campus

PSU Student Affairs (Office of President Office 2nd floor)

Tel. 074-282-205

E-mail :

  • Pitsanulok Test Center

PibulsongkramRajabhat University

156 Moo 5 PhlaiChumphon, MueangPhitsanulok District, Phitsanulok 65000

Tel. 055-267-000-2

Fax. 055-267-091

E-mail :



TOEIC Test Format

TOEIC Test Format has 2 sections.

Section 1 : Listening Comprehension

(100 questions 45 minutes)

Part 1  Photographs 10 questions

You will hear four sentences about the photo and you must choose the sentence which best describe the photo.

Part 2  Questions and Responses 30 questions

You will hear a question and three responses (A,B,C) spoken in English and they will not be printed in your test book. Choose the best response to the question.

Part 3  Conversations 30 questions (10 conversations, each conversation has 3 questions)

You will hear conversations between two people. The conversation will not be printed in your test book. In each conversation, three questions will be asked and you must choose the best response to each question.

Part 4  Short Talks 30 questions (10 Short Talk, each short talk has 3 questions)

You will hear talks spoken by one speaker. The talk will not be printed in your test book. You will be asked to answer the three questions about what the speaker said. Choose the best answer to each question.

Section 2 Reading Comprehension

(100 questions 75 minutes)

Part 5  Incomplete Sentences 40 questions

A word or phrase will be missing in each sentence and four answers are given. You must choose the best answer to complete each sentence.

Part 6  Text Completion 12 questions

You will be given a text which words or phrases are missing in some sentences. In each of the sentences, you will be given four answers. Choose the best answer to complete the text. This part is about grammar or vocabulary.

Part 7  Reading Comprehensive 48 questions

You will read texts such as magazine, advertisements, timetable, letters and newspaper. Each text has a few questions. Choose the best answer for each question.

TOEIC Test Score


905-990 (91% – 100%)                        Professional Proficiency

  • You can communicate effectively in every situation.

785-900 (79%-90%)                Advanced Working Proficiency

  • You can communicate in the situation you desire. You can communicate quite effectively with few mistakes.

605-780 (61%-78%)                Basic Working Proficiency

  • You can generally communicate in every day situation but have some limitations in working context.

405-600 (41%-60%)                Intermediate

  • You can start a conversation and can have face to face communication with some limitations.


255-400 (26%-40%)                Elementary

  • You have a limitation in English communication. You can only face to face communicate in familiar topics.


10-250 (0%-25%)                    Novice

  • You can necessarily communicate to satisfy your needs.






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