Part 7: TOEIC Reading

The test is business reading passage, some passages are short and some passages are long. There are single passage test and double passage test.

– Single Passage 28 questions (9-10 passages)
– Double Passage 20 questions (4 double passages)
– Time 45 minutes Total 48 questions, around 1 minute per each question

Type of Reading Questions are

Main Idea : What is the main topic of the notice?

Purpose: What is the purpose of this memo?

Detail: What is not stated about JB Morgan?

Audience: For whom is the notice intended?

Inference: What is indicated about Mr. Clarkson?

Vocabulary: The word “appropriate” in paragraph 1 line 5, is closet in meaning to…..×448.jpg

TOEIC Reading Preparation Techniques

There are 7-10 single passages which have different length. Each single passage will have 2-5 questions, total 28 questions. Double passages will start from No.81-100. There are 4 double passages. Each double passage has 5 questions such as train schedule and reservation e-mail, company invoice and response e-mail, activity timetable and e-mail about that activity.

The popular problems are vocabulary and English passage styles. These problems will make you take more time to read the passages and finally can’t do the test in time. The solution is you should practice to translate the passage in Thai in order to memorize the passage pattern and have more experience. You should read English passages more often to be able to recognize words so you can read the passage faster and more efficient.

You can try practicing the past papers by selecting some passages but you should concern the time when taking each passage. Remember to spend only 1 minute per question. (3 questions per 3 minutes, 5 questions per 5 minutes). When you are familiar with the test, you should spend less time per each passage by reducing 1 minute per passage. (3 questions per 2 minutes) This technique can help you to the real test in time and develop your reading skill.

Last, you should know the synonym because the test always uses synonym to make the new sentence with the same meaning.


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