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TOEIC Reading Comprehension ( TOEIC Grammar )

Grammar TOEIC will appear in TOEIC Part 5 and 6 which we call “Reading Comprehension Part”. Details are as following:

TOEIC Part 5 : Incomplete Sentences ( 40 questions)

In this part, there is a blank space in each sentence. You have to select the right answer from all 4 choices. You must select the answer which is grammatically correct and suitable in each sentence. All 40 questions will test your grammar and vocabulary so you must memorize essential vocabularies and often do grammatical practice. Also, you should do the past tests as many as you can to make you familiar with the test and can do it in limited time.

The highlight grammatical topics are as following:

1. Part of Speech

You need an ability to define each word. You can observe from its prefix whether it is Noun, Verb, Adjective or Adverb. Then, you will need to fill in the blank space to make the sentence grammatical correct. You also need to analyze and divide part of speech in each sentence or complex sentence. You need to do it as quick as you can.

2. Countable + Uncountable Noun

You need to understand the 2 types of Noun which are countable and uncountable noun. (also singular and phural noun. Each has different determiner such as a or an for singular noun and there may be no determiner for phural noun.

3. Pronoun

Pronoun is used when you need to avoid calling the noun you have said before such as he, him, himself. You need to know when to use each word in order to use it correctly.

4. Preposition

It is used to tell the position of things such as in on, at etc. These words are differently used so you must use it correctly; for place, time, person… Also, you have to know the meaning of each word, too.

5. Conjunction

It is used to link the word, phrase, and subordinate clause to show their relations. Apart from knowing each word meaning, you must concern the whole relation of the sentence to make it logical. The sentence can be logical, reasonable, argumentative, or optional.


Above are part of grammar examples you should know. You also need to learn about Gerund, Infinitive, Verb, Active and Passive voice, If-clause, Comparisons and etc.

TOEIC Test part Reading Comprehension ( TOEIC Grammar )

TOEIC Part 6: Text Incompletion (12 questions)

You have to fill in the black space in the text. There are 12 questions. The texts are business letters, announcements, advertisements, business articles, certification letters, etc. There are 4 texts in total. Each text has 3 black spaces. There will be 4 choices for each black space. This part will test your grammar and vocabulary. This part is slightly different from Part 5 which you must understand the whole text to fill each blank space correctly. Sometimes, only scanning the text is enough to answer all questions if you understand the right purpose of the text.

Though, there is no time limited for Part 5 and 6, Part 5 and 6 are 52 questions in total (Part 5 – questions, No.100-140, Part 6 – 12 questions, No 141 – 152). You should finish them in 25 minutes or 1 minute per 2 questions so you have enough time to review the last part.

Many of you may not get a good score in these parts because you don’t do many practices. You may not analyze the sentence correctly and misunderstand its structure. You should do at least 15-20 past papers to make you familiar with the test. The more practice you do, the quicker you can do the test. This practice will soon become your skill and you can finally efficiently manage your time. Too many practices can help you remember often found structures, sentences, and vocabularies and the next time you will spend less time to finish the test.

Still, you need to have vocabulary skill together with grammatical skill to completely do these part.

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