What is the meaning of TOEIC ?

TOEIC is a multiple choice test using in assessing the English- skills needed in communication especially in workplace. TOEIC is an international standardised test of English language for non-native speakers and stands for Test of English in communication. The test bases in real life situation in working such as email, telephone, meeting, selling, travel, and other conversation in everyday life.

What is a good score on the TOEIC ?

A good score on the test is different between persons and requirements. For example, if you are going to apply for an air-hostess, the score above 700 points can be considered a good score for you. If you are applying a job in international companies which have international environment, the score above 800 points may be your good score. If you need to use TOEIC score to prove that you can communicate in English but you are applying in Thai company, the score above 550 points is normally standard for you. So, a good score can be differently depending on the requirements.

What is the difference between TOEIC and TOEIC bridge?

Basically, TOEIC is a bit harder than TOEIC Bridge. TOEIC Bridge is a simple version of TOEIC usually used by institutions looking for a starter test for new English beginner. TOEIC Bridge last one hour and the content focuses on everyday English with family and friends which are basic communication.

What is the difference between TOEIC and TOEFL ?

TOEIC focuses on communication in English and business English for working whereas TOEFL focuses on academic English for further study and in international environment. The two tests aim to assess the level of English proficiency for non-native English speakers.

Which is better TOEIC or TOEFL ?

There is no one better than another. It depends on your purpose of taking the test. If you want to study aboard, you might think taking TOEFL is better but if you want to apply for a job in Thailand, taking TOEIC is better for you. The fact is TOEFL fee is more expensive than TOEIC and most students think TOEIC is easier than TOEFL . However, you have to know your purpose of taking the test.

Is TOEIC required?

TOEIC is required if it is one of the requirements the companies require from you as a candidate. For example, if you are applying for a pilot or a flight attendant, you need to have TOEIC score as one of your requitements. Other requirements are for people who want to apply for a citizen in some countries which TOEIC score is considered as a necessary condition.

Does TOEIC expire?

TOEIC score is valid for 2 years. Most English tests are often valid in a given period basically 2 years.

Is the TOEIC test hard?

The TOEIC test is not that hard if you are familiar with everyday English and English situation in real life working. The words and situations appeared in the test are from everyday life which you can easily focus on and it is not hard to follow or guess.

Is TOEIC American or British?

TOEIC is an American Test because it is developed by an American organization which is ETS (Education testing Service). The test is considered worldwide and international English so you can be sured that the test is reaching a high standard.

What is TOEIC Bridge Test?

TOEIC bridge is also a test developed by ETS. The test is used to measure English skills for a beginner or intermediate English learner. The test lasts one hour and has only multiple choices. There are only two sections : listening and reading.

What is the difference between TOEIC and IELTS ?

The difference between TOEIC and IELTS is quite the same as the difference between TOEIC and TOEFL . IELTS is an academic English test and is British English.

Why TOEIC test is important?

TOEIC Test is important because the test highlights on your English communication skills and your proficiency in applying the language in everyday situation in order to effectively use it in your real life. One more inportant is the score is an essential requirement from many companies nowadays.

How much does TOEIC test cost?

In thailand, the TOEIC test costs 1,500 THB according to ETS official website.

What is the average TOEIC score?

There are many factors concerned about the average of TOEIC score such as male, female, country of birth, education level and etc... For Thai people, the average acore is approximately 500 points.

What do I need to take to my TOEIC test?

To take the test, you will need to practice your listening and reading skills especially listening and reading in everyday life situation, in working environment. You may need to practice speking skill if you also want to take speaking TOEIC test.

How do you teach TOEIC listening effectively?

To teach TOEIC listening effectively, you will first need to carefully analyze your students. You have to know your student's English ability level and teach them appropriately. You will need to let them listen many type of conversations to make them familiar with idioms and vocabularies.

What is TOEIC speaking?

TOEIC speaking is a test to measure how well candidate can speak English language. The test takers will be asked 11 speaking questions and the test lasts 20 minutes.

Is TOEIC accepted in Canada?

Yes, there are many organizations and workplacesin Canada which accept TOEIC score as a guarantee of language ability for immigration and employment purposes.

How long is TOEIC test?

The Test takes 2 hours to complete. 45 minutes and 100 questions for listening and 75 minutes and 100 questions for reading.

How do you succeed in TOEIC test?

If you want to be succeed in TOEIC Test. First of all, you need to practice. You can take the testbooks and past papers. You can try listening to international English songs and try to guess its meaning. Also, you should watch a soundtrack movie and try guessing the meaning without reading its sub title. Remember that practice makes perfect.

How do I increase my TOEIC score?

To increase your TOEIC score is not that difficult. If you know your mistakes then you have to fix them. If you want to get higher score in listening part then you have to try improving your listening skill. If you want more in reading part, you have to

Can you take notes during TOEIC ?

Yes, you can take notes during the test. The notes can be taken only on the test papers not on your answer sheet. However, be sure to focus on your answer especially in listening test as the time is limited. When the time is up, your test papers will be taken from you immediately.

What is the passing score for TOEIC ?

The passing score depends on the requirements of each workplaces and organizations. It can be 500 points to 800 points depending on companies'requirements. For example, an airline job may require 700 points whereas a factory job may require only 550 points.

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