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TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) Which has been designed to assess the ability to use English for the English as a Second Language (ESL Learners), which is currently in over 130 countries and institutions than 7,500 hotels around the world use the TOEFL score to. Assess the ability of candidates in English. This includes nearly every university in America, England, Australia, New Zealand and Canada that use TOEFLscores for admission. And scholarship.Tests TOEFL are two different TOEFL iBT (Internet-based Format or through internet) and TOEFL PBT (Paper-based or paper in the test) in Thailand, the exam TOEFL iBT except zero.

TOEFL exam with no internet connection. To take the exam in the form of TOEFL PBT TOEFL score is represented by a term of two years.TOEFL IBT exam to test their English skills integrated. This is a test that requires the skills of English speaking, listening, reading and writing in the exam. Each section of the exam all linked together. The new test will help remove some of the weaknesses of international students who have scored well, but cannot communicate well in English as they could be. This new test is a simulation of a real education in various educational institutions.

The instructor was talking lessons. And providing a home for a report and presented professor page. Called to teach in the new system is not only a skill, one side only in each part of the exam , but the exam in each section of the exam requires other skills as a must listen to what he says . Or what he started out to understand it before you have not responded to written questions provided a more traditional Essay in the new system to recognize the English skills of individual experience.

The advantage of using the Internet to help in the exam is relatively easy to test, because the test centers increased. The Speaking test can be sent to the American Center immediately. It refers to the evaluation score is easy. And the same standard as the general test and get results online is very easy as well.


TOEFL : Rules and procedures in the exam

For procedures of the exam. Each center. The process is the same. For sure all of you. By the facility. As follows.

  1. Invigilator or staff. Seating will be assigned to the test by the examinee will not be eligible to sit the exam itself.
  2. The examinee is required to arrive at the exam. Within the time specified. Check the ID card. After the officer. Sent to the computer and the internet. Will not be allowed to enter the examination is strictly prohibited.
  3. Before the exam must register. Computer. The front first. By entering personal information. And password is correct. And therefore will not be taken as evidence that one out instead. After I got into the exam room. Will not be removed from the examination room any more. And when the exam ends. Be seated. Until the invigilator will be allowed to leave the examination room.
  4. The TOEFL exam will not stop but will have a five minute to have a Break Break if the examinee does not follow the rules even notice invigilator before the exam. May be expelled from the examination room. Or canceled their test scores.
  5. The organizers will make sure to vote for the exam TOEFL exam and will not restore. To any of the following cases.
    • Instead of trying to test for others.
    • Get help. Or assistance. To the other review.
    • Do not follow the recommended invigilator.
    • Read and do the test in the other sections. While permission to do the other part. Or attempts to do so. Test when expired.
    • The dictionary book book paper scrap clock mobile pager hearing aid. Or any photography equipment into the exam room.
    • Cigarettes, chewing gum, candy, food and drink brought into the exam room.
    • Leave the examination room without permission.
    • Make a note of the questions or answers, or copy a question.
    • Trying to cheat the test, whether by any means.


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