What is the TOEFL CBT test?

The TOEFL CBT or TOEFL Computer-Based Test evaluate your English language proficiency in academic context. It is held by Educational Testing Service (ETS), USA. It is universally applied in 300 countries worldwide. TOEFL CBT is developed from TOEFL PBT.

TOEFL CBT scores range from 0-300. The test of 3 hours 30 minutes comprises:

1. Listening comprehension with 50 questions in 40-70 minutes to evaluate your listening skill

2. Structure (Grammar) with a total of 20-30 questions in 15-20 minutes to measure your English grammar

3. Reading comprehensive with a total of 45 questions in 70-90 minutes to evaluate your ability to read academic materials

4. Essay with 1 writing task in 30 minutes to assess your writing proficiency


When and where can I take the TOEFL CBT test?

The TOEFL CBT has been developed to the TOEFL iBT (TOEFL Internet-Base Testing), which results in cancellation of the TOEFL CBT test in some countries including Thailand. Thus, those interested in taking the test are directed to apply for the TOEFL iBT test. The test is improved to be more comprehensive. More information is available at https://www.chulatutor.com/en/ toefl-ibt/

The TOEFL iBT is held 2 – 3 times monthly in Bangkok, and less frequent in Chiangmai, HatYai, Saraburi, and Yala approximately once a month or once every other month.


How much does the TOEFL CBT test cost?

The TOEFL CBT has been discontinued. The fees for the TOEFL iBT are $195.


Our result-guaranteed course for TOEFL CBT

Are you experiencing any of these problems: a lack of confidence when the TOEFL test is approaching, a weak foundation of listening, speaking, reading and writing skills, no experience writing the test, a lack of guidance to help prepare for the test, no effective techniques to tackle the test? Every of these problems can be fixed by our result-guaranteed course for TOEFL. Conducted live in a small group to straighten your foundation, the course comprehensively helps you prepare for the test with ease. Saving you a headache of studying multiple courses, we offer you one simple course. Even though you have never taken the test before, you can understand the test format easily. Our course provides you with the test insights.


Our private course for TOEFL CBT

For those who wants to study live in a one-on-one environment, we offer you our private course for TOEFL. It puts you in the center of the course to boost your confidence. Whether you are weak at reading, have difficulty with listening, or finding speaking dreadful, you can determine your own course outline. Moreover, we provide good classroom facilities.

Let our private course for TOEFL help you. The more you prepare, the more chance you have to win, with us at Chulatutor.


Private TOEFL CBTcourse
Number of students Hour

20 hr.
30 hr.

40 hr.
1 person 22,000 ฿ 33,000 ฿ 44,000 ฿
2 person
( save 25% )
33,000 ฿ 49,500 ฿ 66,000 ฿
3 person
( save 40% )
39,600 ฿ 59,400 ฿ 79,200 ฿
Free 2 hrs Free 4 hrs
Note :
– Private course at the school – you can select your own schedule.



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