IB or International Baccalaureate Program (sometimes called IB Program) is an equivalent program to high school program. It is a program preparing you ready for universities. IB program is developed by International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO) which can be applied to any education system worldwide. Nowadays, IB diploma is acceptable from schools and universities worldwide. The program is very intensive and has good quality. In addition, the program is useful for any students who want to move from one country to another because its international system standard so many countries are accepted this. In Thailand, there are many international schools following IB diploma system and only students in this system can register for IB examination while other home school students cannot. The IB program are divided into 3 level;


  • IB Primary Years Program or PYP for students 3 to 12 years old
  • IB Middle Years Program or MYP for students 11 to 16 years old
  • IB Diploma Program or IBDP for students 16 to 19 years old (the most popular among three levels)

IB program has more than 30 subjects to be tested. IB program is divided into 6 categories; (1) First Language, (2) Second Language, (3) Individual and Societies , (4) Experimental Science, (5) Mathematics and Computer Science and (6) Arts And Electives The full score of IB is 45. All 6 categories have total 42 points (each has 7 points). Categories 1 -5 are compulsory, you must be tested 1 subject from each category. You have to select at least 1 subject in categories 1 -5. The sixth subject can be selected from any categories. At least 3 subjects of the total 6 subjects must be tested at Higher Level (HL) which require 240 class hours. Other subjects can be tested at Standard Level (SL) which require only 150 class hours. The other 3 points come from study and activities according to IB program which are;


  • Theory of Knowledge (ToK) at least 100 hours and writing an essay 1,200 – 1,600 words
  • Extended Essay (EE) about your own interested topic 4,000 words
  • Creativity, Action, Service (CAS) which is activities outside school. Students must take at least 50 hours in each activity. The result is only pass or fail but it is also important as you must get at least 24 points to get IB Program certificate together with the result from Creativity, Action, Service (CAS).


When you finish IB program, you can use IB program certificate to apply for bachelor degree in foreign countries. The minimum score is 32. If you get scores of 30-31, Foundation programs are required. In Thailand, IB Program can be used in some faculties but mostly you will also have to take other examinations in order to apply for bachelor degree.


IB diploma examination will be taken at the same time worldwide and has only 2 periods per year, in May and November. So, you have to be well-prepared because the examination period is limited.


IB Program one by one!!!

If you are not confident and not ready to IB program, let boost up your confidence at Chulatutor. Our concept is “Easy to be expert”. We want you to be smarter with our easier methods. We are professional in international examinations. We know that to take IB program, you must be well-prepared. The test has many and various subjects. It is written examination which focuses on explanation, discussion, analysis and writing an essay. If your knowledge background is not quite good, you might feel it difficult. But if you are well-prepared, know the test guidelines, practice many past papers then you will feel that IB is not too difficult to win. Therefore, practice always makes perfect.


At Chulatutor, we provide personal private course. No VDO! You can request our tutors to fulfill your weaknesses or any lessons you want to focus more. Moreover, you can design your own schedule. Some students have good basic knowledge and want to highlight on lesson practices. Some students have fair background and want to learn from fundamental lessons. So, we make you design your own course. Our tutors are professional and are well recruited by the school.


It’s time to make yourself ready for IB examination. The quicker you start, the sooner you are well-prepared. Let’s get yourself ready at Chulatutor. IB Diploma is difficult no more!



Private IB course
Number of students Hour

20 hours
30 hours

40 hours
1 person 22,000 ฿ 33,000 ฿ 44,000 ฿
2 person
( save 25% )
33,000 ฿ 49,500 ฿ 66,000 ฿
3 person
( save 40% )
39,600 ฿ 59,400 ฿ 79,200 ฿
Free 2 hours Free 4 hours
Note :
– Private course and Private class at the school
– You can design your own schedule.


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