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SAT Physics

What is SAT Physics?

SAT Physics measures your ability in physics and is one of the SAT Subject tests. Mainly, SAT Physics is for the students who want to continue their studies in international programs or overseas in science, engineering, medicine, dentistry, and etc. The test consists of a total of 75 questions, multiple choice, 60 minutes. The scores range from 200 – 800 points. The test is more frequently held in the U.S., 6 times a year whereas there are 5 times yearly in Asia.


How to apply for the SAT Chemistry?

The application can be done via the official website of College Board, It can be done by choosing Register for SAT Subject Tests, fill in general information, select the subjects, the test date, and the test venue. The payment can be made by a credit card, or a debit card that enables online payment function.

The SAT Chemistry fees in Asia is $101. If you take two subjects, the total fees are $123, and three subjects are $145. The fees may vary. For more information, please visit the college board website.

After the payment is completed, you must print out the Admission Ticket which is very important. Without it, you cannot write the test. The ticket must be shown together with an identification card, or a passport.



The SAT Physics Test Format

The test measures your knowledge of foundation concepts of physics. The test covers mechanics, electricity and magnetism, waves and optic, heat and thermodynamic, and other areas such as the history of physics, graphic analysis, mathematical skills, astrophysics, superconductivity, and chaos theory. Mainly, mechanics account for 36-42%, electricity and magnetism 18-24%, lenses and waves 15-19%.


Our result guaranteed for SAT Physics course

Chulatutor offers a great helper for the SAT Physics test preparation. Whether you are looking for continuing your studies in an international program or overseas in science, engineering, medicine, and etc. SAT Physics is essential. Taught live in a small group, the course helps to score the test higher within a shorter time combined with a simple method focusing on enhancing your memory under our motto of “easy to be expert”.

Our course emphasizes drilling with the test questions allowing to you grasp the main points under a clear course outline. You will be shown which direction to go to. We also help you prioritize. The SAT Physics test dose not ask you to answer the questions only, but also requires you to calculate, and apply the concepts. Thus, you must understand the concepts well. Our course covers these concepts. You are assured that the good test scores are within your reach.

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Our Private Course for SAT Physics

Designed for the students who want much attention from the tutor, or much emphasis on certain areas, our private course for SAT Physics is taught live and allows the students to choose their study time. No matter if you are slow or quick learners, we have you covered. More attention and interaction with the tutor, you are encouraged to ask and participate. The course is flexible and full of quality.

If you are one of those who are limited by time and availability, our private course for SAT Chemistry at Chulatutor helps you prepare for the test better even under time constraint. The course lets you fix the study time, the duration, and the frequency. Moreover, we provide you comfortable classroom facilities. Our course is especially good for the students who want a sole focus to diminish what they are weak at. It is student-focused. You can determine where you want to focus more or less. Whether you want to drill or to learn the techniques, or both, it is your call. Our private course fixes the problem for those whose time doesn’t allow group study. Let our private course for Chemistry at Chulatutor help you. It is a great fit for anyone with time constraints. With our private course for SAT Physics, time is no concern here.


Private SAT Physics course
Number of studentsHour

20 hr.

30 hr.

40 hr.
1 person22,000 ฿33,000 ฿44,000 ฿
2 person
( save 25% )
33,000 ฿49,500 ฿66,000 ฿
3 person
( save 40% )
39,600 ฿59,400 ฿79,200 ฿
แถมฟรี 2 ชม.แถมฟรี 4 ชม.
Note :
– Private course at the school – you can select your own schedule.