Is SAT English difficult ? How should I prepare for the test ?

SAT English

What is SAT English ?

SAT English or SAT Evidence-Based Reading and Writing is a part of SAT test which will test your ability in reading English and sentence structure normally you will have to take SAT English together with SAT Math.

In Thailand, SAT English score is very popular and it is a requirement for international bachelor degree program especially in Arts, Humanities, Communication Arts, law, and etc. These programs will require higher score of SAT English than other programs.


What does SAT English test you ?

SAT English composes of Reading part and Sentence Structure. You will not only have to a quick and smart reader but also you will have to be good at structure and sentence analysis. So, let’s have a look what you will find in SAT English.

PartTopicNumber of questionsTimeDetails
Reading Test
  • One U.S. and world literature passage
  • Two history/social studies passages
  • Two science passages
52 questions65 minutes
  • 4 single Passages
  • 1 pair of passages
  • 500 – 700 words per each passage
  • 10-11 multiple choice questions per passage
  • some passages will have graphs and diagrams, no math skill require.
Writing and Language Test
  • A career-related topic
  • Humanities
  • History/Social Studies
  • Science
44 questions35 minutes
  • 4 passages
  • 400 – 500 words per passage
  • 11 multiple choice questions
  • Type of questions in passages are :
    – Command of Evidence
    – Words in Context
    – Analysis
    – Expression of Ideas
    – Standard English Conventions


What is the total SAT English score ?

SAT English or SAT Evidence-Based Reading and Writing will have a score range between 200 – 800 points. There is no pass or not. It depends on the English proficiency requirement of each program which will be different. Normally, the accepted score will be 400 – 550 points.


How do we apply SAT English test?

The application will be made online at First, you will have to create your own account. Make sure that your spelling is the same as it is on your ID or passport. Also, remember your username and password as every information needed will be online such as test history, test score, and sending score. After you select the test date and place, you will have to make an online payment., A Print Admission Ticket is required on the test date. Example is below.

How do we apply SAT English test?
How do we apply SAT English test?

Where is the SAT English Test center ?

The test center in Bangkok is in international schools and there are also other test centers in other provinces such as Chonburi, Phuket, Chiengmai, and Saraburi where you can choose the place wherever you want.


Is SAT English difficult ? How should I prepare for the test ?

SAT English will not test your general English communication in everyday life but will focus on reading analysis, grammar, and ideas and you will find unfamiliar words or difficult words in the test. So, it needs a good preparation if you need high scores.

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