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SAT Biology

What is SAT Biology ?

SAT Biology test measuring the knowledge in biology is one of the subjects in SAT subject Test. There are two parts; the students can choose to write either one: Biology-E (Ecological) or Biology-M (Molecular). SAT Biology is usually for the students who want to continue their studies in an international program, or overseas in biology, health science, science, engineering, medicine, dentistry, etc. The test comprises a total of 80 questions, 60 minutes with a score range from 200 to 800. In Asia, the test is held 5 times yearly while in America it is held 6 times.


How to sign up for SAT Biology test?

To apply for the SAT Biology test, you can go to its official website. Here at you can fill in the general information, the subject selected, the date, and the test venue, including make payment (only by credit card, debit card with online transaction allowed).

The SAT Biology test in Asia costs $101. Because you can choose up to 3 subjects per one application, the test application fee. Therefore, the total test fees depend on the number of tests taken for example two tests are $123 and $145 for three tests in The U.S., the fees in other countries may vary For more information, visit the website of College Board.

After the payment is completed, you must print out the Admission Ticket as a verification on the test date. It must be presented together with an identification card or a passport. These documents are important. Without them, you are not allowed to write the test.


SAT Biology test format

There are two types of the SAT Biology test:

  1. SAT Biology-E (Ecological) emphasizes 25%, on organismal biology, 23%on ecology, 22% on evolution and diversity, 15% on cellular and molecular biology, and 15% on genetics.
  2. SAT Biology-M (Molecular) emphasizes 27% on cellular and molecular biology, 25% on organismal biology, 20% on genetics, 15% on evolution and diversity, and 13% on ecology

You can choose which biology paper to take. However, some university program determines which test paper is required.


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