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By chulatutor   on 22/01/17


When you take the TOEIC TEST, you may have to compete with time and pressure. There are 100 questions with time limited. When the time is up, you have to stop doing the test immediately. These can affect your scores a lot. Excited…Worried….Nervous can be happened to everyone. TIP TOP TOEIC is here to be your best assistant in doing this test. With the techniques, secret tricks and highlight content, you can understand more and feel much more confident when doing the test. This article will provide you from easy to difficult examples. For the first issue, we will start with TOEIC reading part.



Reading Test Structure 100 questions 75 mins

No. 101 – 140 (multiple choices) You have to select the choice which makes the sentence complete. The questions are about vocabulary and grammar.

No. 141 – 152   You have to complete the paragraphs. One paragraph has three questions.

No 153 – 200 In this section, you will read the passages which can be announcement advertisement newspaper brochure or timetable in everyday life and you must find the answer from these passages. No 153 – 180 is a single passage and No 181 – 200 are double passages.

TOEIC Reading Test Techniques

No 101 – 140 (40 questions)

In this part, you have to carefully see what the question asks. Use the context clue for example if you see “to______” you can find “V. infinitive” to replace in the blank. You may have to recheck the whole sentence again because the gerund can also come after “to ____”. If you see the past simple tense, you have to select V2 and if you see the singular subject, you will select the singular verb.  That’s all.

No 141 – 152 (12 questions)

In this section, you will find four short paragraphs which three questions and multiple choices in each paragraph. The questions can be both vocabulary and grammar. If you want to make it quick, you don’t have to read the whole paragraph but only scan and skim each paragraph and use the context clue.

No 153 – 200 (48 questions)

In this section, you need to be concentrated. Read the questions first and use key words from each question to find answer so you can do the test faster.

Moreover, your everyday life experience can be a good assistant. The good assistant can make you understand more and find the exactly right answer. If the passage is about restaurant recommendation and the question is about how to contact this restaurant. You can go directly to find the answer at the bottom of the passage because the contact information usually stays there.

Here are basic tips top TOEIC, the next article would be about grammar vocabulary with test examples. Let’s follow and see how we can improve our TOEIC Scores!