TOEIC Test 27

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TOEIC Test 27
By chulatutor   on 19/05/18

TOEIC Test 27


1. ( at a party ) Hello, Jane. __________________ the party ?

A. Do you enjoy
B. Are you enjoying
C. Have you enjoy
D. Did you enjoy

2. I __________________ at weekends.

A. Usually go away
B. Am usually going away
C. Have usually gone away
D. Usually went away

3. Why are you always so __________________ other people ?

A. Jealous in
B. Jealous about
C. Jealous with
D. Jealous of

4. I’m not very __________________ repairing things.

A. Good in
B. Good about
C. Good at
D. Good with

5. My contract was for a __________________ term of five years.

A. Tried
B. Confident
C. Obscure
D. Fixed

6. She suffered from minor cuts and __________________ because of the car accident.

A. Openings
B. Slits
C. Forms
D. Bruises

7. Which sentence is correct ?

A. I can to swim.
B. I can swimming.
C. I can swim.
D. I can swims.

8. I attended a lecture __________________ economics at the university.

A. On
B. About
C. In
D. For

9. You have to be __________________ 18 to see this film.

A. Over
B. Above
C. Up
D. More

10. I __________________to meet them here.

A. Agreed
B. Accepted
C. Inclined
D. Seemed


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