TOEIC Test 36

TOEIC Test 36


Questions and Answers

1. I understand your concern, Linda, but I have to __________________ Maria on this matter.

A. Give in
B. Feel up to
C. Go along with
D. Pull through

2. Bryan really ______________ any kind of outdoor activity.

A. Goes along with
B. Goes in for
C. Feel up to
D. Put up with

3. Her neighbors have loud parties every night, but she doesn’t complain. She just __________________.

A. Feels up to it
B. Gets over with it
C. Goes along with it
D. Puts up with it

4. I __________________ an opportunity to meet you in person.

A. Look forward to
B. Screw out of
C. Go in for
D. Put up with

5. That con man __________________ my life savings.

A. Got me over with
B. Went along with
C. Put me up with
D. Screwed me out of

6. I was furious about the way he __________________ me.

A. Felt up to
B. Talked down to
C. Got over with
D. Went along with

7. Sarah filed for divorce after she caught George __________________ her.

A. Cheating to
B. Cheating with
C. Cheating for
D. Cheating on

8. A policeman saw him stealing the car and __________________ him.

A. Went after
B. Went for
C. Went to
D. Went with

9. The teacher told the students to ___________________ in a dictionary.

A. Look the new words after
B. Look the new words for
C. Look the new words up
D. Look the new words

10. The festival was a disaster because they didn’t __________________ such a huge crowd.

A. Plan in
B. Plan on
C. Plan about
D. Plan for