TOEIC Test 34

TOEIC Test 34


Questions and Answers

1. Ten of the passengers __________________ saved.

A. Was
B. Were
C. Is
D. Have

2. The team __________________ on different buses after the game.

A. Ride
B. Rides
C. Ridden
D. Riding

3. Ten thousand __________________ too much for a tuition fee.

A. Is
B. Are
C. Were
D. Have

4. The news __________________ interesting.

A. Am
B. Has
C. Is
D. Are

5. Ethics ___________________ to religion and philosophy.

A. Refer
B. Referred
C. Refers
D. Referring

6. Ham and eggs __________________ my children’s favorite dish.

A. Are
B. Were
C. Am
D. Is

7. Either my photo album or my pocketbooks ___________________ left on the bench.

A. Are
B. Is
C. Was
D. Have

8. __________________ finally granted their request.

A. We’re
B. Our
C. We
D. Ours

9. Every girl and boy must do ___________________ assignment.

A. His
B. Her
C. Its
D. Their

10. I am not as skillful as __________________.

A. His
B. Him
C. He’s
D. He