TOEIC Test 33

TOEIC Test 33


Questions and Answers
1. The bride walked down the __________________ towards the altar where the bridegroom was waiting.

A. Aisle
B. Isle
C. I’ll
D. Ale

2. There’s only one way to become __________________ at anything – practice!

A. Tidy
B. Monstrous
C. Proficient
D. Rough

3. Concerned citizens are __________________ an investigation into published reports of illegal hiring practices.

A. Demanding
B. Demanding for
C. Demanding about
D. Demanding on

4. Troops crossed the border in __________________ of the agreement.

A. Violation
B. Criminality
C. Notice
D. Analysis

5. Rosela has remained humble __________________ her achievements.

A. In spite
B. Inspite
C. Despite
D. Despite of

6. Passing cars covered his shoes with __________________.

A. Remedy
B. Dice
C. Crust
D. Filth

7. Our diet is of vital ___________________ to our health.

A. Import
B. Importance
C. Importation
D. Importing

8. The leopard’s claws __________________ through soft flesh.

A. Slashed
B. Shortened
C. Insulted
D. Snobbed

9. There is a ___________________ between dental health and body health.

A. Relation
B. Relativeness
C. Relativity
D. Relationship

10. It was raining so hard we were quickly __________________ through.

A. Swollen
B. Dry
C. Arid
D. Soaked