TOEIC Test 32

TOEIC Test 32


Questions and Answers

1. To __________________ is to start a machine or the flow of electricity, water, etc.

A. Do something on
B. Make something on
C. Turn something on
D. Take something on

2. Clinton is accused of committing __________________ against the state.

A. Fealty
B. Treason
C. Attachment
D. Constancy

3. Kate wants to work in Italy, so she __________________ Italian.

A. Is learning
B. Learn
C. Has learn
D. Learned

4. She passed out after __________________ ten pieces of Tylenol.

A. Ingesting
B. Containing
C. Lodging
D. Harboring

5. The cafe __________________ at 7.30 in the morning.

A. Has opened
B. Is opening
C. Open
D. Opens

6. Light silk is best for parachutes, as it __________________ well and then expands rapidly.

A. Catches
B. Compresses
C. Induces
D. Obtains

7. A : “I’m busy. B: “What ____________________ ?”

A. Did you do
B. Have you done
C. Do you do
D. Are you doing

8. Many believe that poverty is a direct __________________ of overpopulation.

A. Consequence
B. Importance
C. Commencement
D. Predicament

9. Water __________________ at 100 degrees Celsius.

A. Boiled
B. Is boiling
C. Has boiled
D. Boils

10. Lines AB and CD are __________________.

A. Rural
B. Innumerable
C. Parallel
D. Attentive