TOEIC Test 31

TOEIC Test 31


1. What’s the matter with my room ? Can you ___________________?

A. Get rid of this trash
B. Turn on this trash
C. Walk off this trash
D. Turn over this trash

2. The committee __________________ their decision.

A. Escaped
B. Conquered
C. Deferred
D. Convened

3. Which sentence is more natural ?

A. Are you able to knit ?
B. Can you knit ?
C. You able to knit ?
D. You can knit ?

4. We need __________________ time to deal with the problem.

A. Ignorant
B. Polished
C. Competent
D. Sufficient

5. This is a book for children __________________ Africa and its peoples.

A. In
B. On
C. About
D. With

6. He __________________ the document.

A. Scrutinized
B. Convicted
C. Betrayed
D. Agitated

7. Don’t go out now – we’re __________________.

A. About to be having lunch
B. To about lunch
C. About have lunch
D. About to have lunch

8. He took the car without the owner’s __________________.

A. Confinement
B. Circumference
C. Consent
D. Conflict

9. Which sentence is correct ?

A. According to me, Ann’s boyfriend is an idiot.
B. In my opinion, Ann’s boyfriend is an idiot.
C. According me, Ann’s boyfriend is an idiot
D. On my opinion, Ann’s boyfriend is an idiot

10. She __________________ $100.

A. Beat the merchant over
B. Beat the merchant off
C. Beat the merchant away
D. Beat the merchant down