TOEIC Test 30

TOEIC Test 30


1. The driver was clearly __________________ when the accident happened.

A. Rejuvenating
B. Corny
C. Rare
D. Intoxicated

2. The way the whales are killed is nothing short of __________________.

A. Barbaric
B. Well-bred
C. Peeled
D. Exhausted

3. Which sentence is correct ?

A. We requested the donor to appear on television who donated a check for ten thousand pesos.
B. Locusts pose a problem to farmers which were preying on corn and rice.
C. In the corner of the room, there is an ornamental jar which has antique designs painted around its mouth.
D. An old woman got on a bus by mistake that was going to Seattle.

4. ______________ girls should learn to cook.

A. Ours
B. We’re
C. Us
D. We

5. I __________________ a really good book at the moment. It’s about a man who runs away from home.

A. Read
B. Am reading
C. Have read
D. Been reading

6. I’m sure you are __________________ passing the examination.

A. Capable of
B. Capable with
C. Capable on
D. Capable in

7. Ann is in __________________ ( of this house).

A. A garden
B. An garden
C. The garden
D. Garden

8. Mom bought a kilo of __________________ in the market today.

A. Tomatoes
B. Tomatos
C. Tomato
D. Tomatois

9. Which sentence is correct ?

A. I drove there without to stop.
B. Where I can buy stamps?
C. The life is difficult.
D. Is my new office ready?

10. Why are you climbing __________________ the wall ?

A. Over
B. Across
C. Along
D. Into