TOEIC Test 26

TOEIC Test 26


1. Some of our courses __________________ over two years.

A. Expand
B. Increase
C. Extend
D. Enlarge

2. Joe’s so hostile all the time. I can’t __________________.

A. Figure him over
B. Figure him off
C. Figure him out
D. Figure him with

3. Try not to __________________ the other students.

A. Dispense
B. Engross
C. Absorb
D. Distract

4. Can I use your pen? I’ll __________________ after the test.

A. Give it back
B. Give it out
C. Give it away
D. Give it in

5. The Senator’s __________________ is being investigated by the Ethics Committee.

A. Outset
B. Conduct
C. Benediction
D. Behalf

6. I need to go on a diet. I’ve been __________________ a lot of weight lately.

A. Putting off
B. Putting out
C. Putting in
D. Putting on

7. His mother’s death __________________ his loneliness.

A. Slandered
B. Intensified
C. Topped
D. Ravaged

8. I think he has the flu because you don’t usually __________________ when you have a cold.

A. Throw off
B. Throw away
C. Throw out
D. Throw up

9. His breathing was becoming __________________.

A. Devious
B. Erratic
C. Mischievous
D. Crooked

10. I’m sorry to cancel, but I don’t __________________ going dancing tonight.

A. Feel up to
B. Feel up with
C. Feel up on
D. Feel up in