TOEIC Day 15 – Listening 4 (Short talk)
By chulatutor   on 04/07/15


Day 15 – Listening 4 (Short talk)

TOEIC Part 4 of listening test is called short talk because it’s a talk by one person on a very specific matter. It’s shorter than a lecture talk but it’s definitely longer than Part 3 conversation, approximately 1 minute long.


The subject covers various contexts; office announcement, advertisement, commercial, giving information about insurance plan, or a voice mail message. You have to answer three questions, and again, they will be in the same order with the audio. Like Part 3, READ THE QUESTIONS BEFORE THE AUDIO BEGINS and highlight the keywords.


Since it’s longer than the conversation part, there will be more details in it. Some may be asked about, some may not. So, I suggest you should answer the questions simultaneously. And be prepared for confusing information such as names, place, dates, these kinds of information may be mentioned several times during the talk. It’s very important to listen carefully in order to get the right answer. This time it will be much harder to guess if you don’t listen well.


Here are some examples of possible misheard or misunderstanding.


Example 1 You will hear ‘Hi, this is Adam Swanson calling for Ron Jaworski.


You will read ‘Who is the message for?


There are two names mentioned in this sentence and to others mentioned later in the talk. In order to it right, you have to listen to it properly and understand what you’re listening to, and you’ll know that the message is for Ron. Adam is the one who’s speaking. In case your listening skill is not good enough, then you should improve it or this part will be extremely difficult for you.


There is also irrelevant information such as date and time, place, and phone number. That’s why reading the questions first is crucial. It will help you know the specific information you’re waiting for and ignore other that’s unnecessary.


Besides the listening practice, you should also practice yourself to stay focused under disturbing environment. More exercises can be found here.


Check this out :




Here are some tips from my own experience.

  • Don’t worry about the impact. The exam may be very important to your life but it’s better to be focused on the exam in front of you rather than worrying about your future.
  • Don’t waste your time mourning over the previous questions. There are other questions waiting for you, meaning more points are waiting to be collected.
  • Make sure you answer all questions. If you leave it blank, there is 0 percent chance that you get the point. If you choose one, the probability is higher to 25 percent.
  • Check and recheck that you fill out the right circle. It sounds like a ridiculous mistake but let’s make sure that doesn’t happen.
  • Don’t stay up late the previous night because there’s nothing else you can do at that point. You better get enough sleep.
  • I usually don’t review anything during the waiting time. No more books. No more exercises. Because, seriously, neither my listening nor reading skill will be significantly improved within 1 hour. I use that gap time stay as relaxed as possible.



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TOEIC Day 15 - Listening 4 (Short talk)

Part 4 of listening test is called short talk because it's a talk by one person on a very specific matter. It's shorter than a lecture talk but it's definitely longer than Part 3 conversation, approximately 1 minute long.
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