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TOEIC Day 14 – Grammar Practice 4

By chulatutor   on 04/07/15
toeic Day 14 - Grammar Practice 4


toeic Day 14 – Grammar Practice 4 

In this article, I’ll teach you my secret method on how to learn grammar. I don’t memorize the rules. I create them by myself. WARNING! As far as I’m concerned, this is not accepted academic method. I came up with it and I would like to share it. If you find it’s sensible, feel free to use it. If not, you just have to find other ways.


There are three steps in this method.


Step One: Choose a representative.

Problem: Between VS Among, And VS Or

Some people still don’t know how to use ‘between’ and ‘among’. And should it be used with ‘and’ or ‘or’. For me, I can search this on Google and get the answer right away but I will forget it in one hour since I have bad memory. So I’ll just choose one sentence that wll represent them all.

Between -> Between you and me, this is good.

Among -> You have to choose among chocolate, lemon, and, strawberry.

Step Two: Form the formula or rule

From the representative sentence, I form patterns.

Between + something + and + something

Among + something + something + …… + and + something

So, ‘between’ is used with two things or people. ‘Among’ is used with three or more. Both words are used with ‘and’. However, I remember the sentences, not the patterns because it’s easier.


Step Three: Apply the formula or rule

Whenever I have to use ‘between’ and ‘among’, I think of the sentences then the formula.

I can’t choose …………………. black …………… white.

Formula -> between + something + and + something

Correct answer -> I can’t choose between black and white.

How to succeed?

  • When you choose the representative sentence, choose the one that is short and easy to remember. You can even come up with it by yourself. Choose something that is you are familiar with. For example, ‘You have to choose among chocolate, lemon, and, strawberry.’ Chocolate, lemon, and strawberry are my favorite ice cream flavor.
  • This may be easier for someone who is good at Mathematics because it is similar to the way you substitute the height and base length into in the formula for the area of a triangle.
  • Maybe you should have a notebook to keep record. Writing down those sample sentence is another way to make you remember better.