TOEIC Day 10 – Grammar Practice 3

By chulatutor   on 02/07/15
toeic Day 10 - Grammar Practice 3

TOEIC Day 10 – Grammar Practice 3

I’ll give you a list of websites where you can find sample grammar tests because practice makes perfect.

1. www.toeic-online-test.com

This website gives you over 3,000 TOEIC questions covering every part of TOEIC test. The questions are categorized in different levels, from easy, intermediate, and advanced. Here are the links that lead you straight to the grammar test.

2. www.englishclub.com

3. www.goodwinenglish.com

4. www.english-test.net

5. www.englishstore.net

6. www.businessenglishsite.com

7. www.learnenglishfeelgood.com


But if you’re bored with the conventional form, you may want to take a break and try these website for kids. Trust me it’s not too easy and it’s more fun.

Check this out :


Sentence Builders

However, for some people, doing many and many practice doesn’t feel right. What are other options?

  • Observe if the English grammar is similar or different from Thai grammar in what aspect. The most obvious difference is tense. The most similar aspect is conjunction.
  • Read a lot of English and listen more.
    When I do grammar test, I don’t memorize the rules. I mostly rely on experience and usualness which come from reading and listening. Reading and listening a lot will give you a database and from that you can create the rules by yourself. I will explain this method in Day 14 article.
  • Write more often
    Not only practicing grammar exercises but also learning from your mistake. Know what your common mistake is about and focus on that topic. If you do the same mistakes for ten times, I believe you will not make them again. Right? So make mistakes as many as possible and learn from them.
  • Ask your teacher or personal tutor
    Everyone has difficulty with different topics. Even with the same topics, their understanding seems to be different. Therefore, you should consults your teacher or tutor personally to clarify the specific issue.


TOEIC Day 10 - Grammar Practice 3

I'll give you a list of websites where you can find sample grammar tests because practice makes perfect.