IELTS On The Go : 2 Techniques for IELTS Writing Task 2

IELTS On The Go 2

IELTS On The Go : 2

Techniques for IELTS Writing Task 2

After learning about patterns and techniques for IELTS Writing Task 1, this issue will provide you about Writing IELTS Task 2 which is about writing an essay (minimum 250 words) in 40 minutes. You will be given an essay topic such as society, travelling, culture and sport and you have to write an opinion about that topic.


Question Patterns Task 2

– Writing Advantages / Disadvantages

– Giving explanation about positive / negative effects

– Analyzing causes of the problems

– Describing your thoughts about the topic whther you agree or disagree

Techniques : You should brainstrom all your ideas in draft then group the same ideas together and divide each idea in each paragraph. If you have to write about positive and negative, you should balance the ideas. Do not emphasize any idea if the question request you to write about both sides.
Normally, there are 4 writing patterns : agree – disagree, advantage – disadvantage, cause – effect and problem – solution. Be sure that you have introduction, body and conclusion which you can divide into 3 paragraphs. Remember ! the maximum of your essay is 250 words.


Interesting Conjunctions for IELTS Writing Part 2

Reasoning  : Because, Since, So, Hence, Due to, That is……

Opinions     : From my point of view, In my opinion (in general) To me , It is generallly acceped that, It is normally understood that, Normally …….

Opposition : Though, Although, Otherwise, whereas, despite, In Spite Of, Meanwhile, However, On the contrary ………

Conditions  : Unless, If, So that, whether, depending on ………

Example      : For example, For instance, such as, i.e. ………

Conclusion : In summary, To sum up, In conclusion, To conclude, In brief, Lastly, Finally, Eventually, At the end……….


You should be aware of using informal words such as “wouldn’t” should be “would not” , “kids” should be “children”, “gonna” should be “going to” or “tons of” should be “many / much”. Though, you may not lose scores from using informal words, better scores may be gotten from using formal words because this is an academic test.



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