13) Sentence Completions: Definition, Examples & Tips 1/2

Now we are going to look at SAT Sentence Completions. This article includes how they work, what the different kinds are, and how to tackle them to boost your score.

12) Background to US National Figures

In SAT’s passage-based reading, the most frequently mentioned figures in the passage are Martin Luther King, the leader in the African-American Civil Rights Movement, and Abraham Lincoln, the former President of USA. They are stated in many passages in SAT.

11) Background to Native American History for SAT’s Passage-based Reading Questions

The SAT test is established by College Board which is based in USA. The topics we typically find in the test are about Americans. Some topics in the tests are found very difficult for Non-US test takers as they never learn about American history.

10) Passage-based Reading: Approaching Reading Questions 2/2

On top of managing your time on the vocab words, another way to be smart about SAT strategy is to work the question order to your advantage.

10) Passage-based Reading: Approaching Reading Questions 1/2

SAT 10) Passage-based Reading: Approaching Reading Questions 1/2   Learn how to manage vocab words, use question order to save time and make the answer choices work for you.   Critical Reading   On the critical reading section of the SAT, you’ll see two different types of questions. Sentence completions are questions with a sentence […]

9) Essential Strategies for Passage-Based Reading Questions

The first step is to write down the main idea of the passage. Essentially, you can’t answer questions about a passage if you don’t know what the main idea is. Read the opening and closing paragraphs, which usually contain the main idea.

8) Passage-based Reading: Types of Questions 3/3

The last questions are the main idea questions. These ask you about the passage as a whole. They typically look something like this:

7) Passage-based Reading: Types of Questions 2/3

Next up are the specific questions. You’ll turn to these after you finish the vocab questions, and you’ll probably spend most of your time here: specific questions are the bulk of the questions on any particular passage.

6) Passage-based Reading: Types of Questions 1/3

Passage reading questions aren’t all the same – and knowing the types could make a big difference in your score. In this lesson, you’ll get the breakdown and some tips for using it to your advantage.

5) Passage-based Reading: Types of Passages

It is much easier when you have in mind what to expect from SAT Reading Passages. Let’s take a look at passage types you’ll see on the SAT Passage-Based Reading.

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