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The Subject Verb Agreement : Here we have 10 rules as follows

By chulatutor   on 03/04/17
The Subject Verb Agreement : Here we have 10 rules as follows

The Subject Verb Agreement : Here we have 10 rules as follows

We know about the concept of TOEIC listening and reading. We will continue with the grammar content we often found in the exam. We mostly found grammar and vocabulary in the first part of TOEIC test. It is not that difficult to do this part if we understand the grammar structure and remember the concept of the test. This article will go through the topic of Subject – Verb Agreement which is one of the popular topics in TOEIC test.

The Subject – Verb Agreement: Here we have 10 rules as follows;

No. 1 Singular subject with singular verb and plural subjects with plural verbs


Singular subject – singular verb: He is an engineer.

Plural subject – plural verb: They are engineers.

No. 2 If subject is followed by – with, along with, together with, include with, including, excluding, as well as, accompanied by, verb depends on the first subject.


The teacher along with the students is going to the zoo.

His manager together with consultant is having lunch at the cafeteria.

No. 3 If subject is a sun of money, a distance, a period of time, a sum of calculation, we use singular verb.


Example Thousand miles is very long distance.

Seven plus three is ten.

Twenty dollars is enough for tips.

No.4 If subject begins with every…., some…, any…, no… + body, thing, one , we use singular verb.


Somebody steals my car.

Nothing is easy to do.

Anyone calls the police!

Everybody hands up!

No. 5 Every, One of + plural nouns, Either, Either of, Each, Each of, Neither. It must use singular verb.


Every student in the classroom has to take the final exam.

Each of our dogs has its own character.

One of Thai actress is now having gossip news.

No. 6 Sentence begins with indefinite subjects; All, Both, Few, A few, Many, Some, Several, we use plural verb.


All of you stay in this apartment.

Many have been taken to the hospital.

Some are good, others are not.

No. 7 If we use these words; Either…or, or, Neither…nor, Not only…but also, verb depends on the last subject (subject which comes in front of verb).


Not only my parents but also I am happy when travelling.

Either Peter or his brothers are going to eat pizza.

Neither him nor his friends have to quit this job.

No. 8 If subject begins with – all of, some of, most of, half of, none of, a lot of, lots of -, verb depends on noun after “of”. If it is singular noun, we use singular verb. If plural noun, then plural verb.


Example Some of her projects are fabulous.

None of the students pass the exam.

Some of chocolate is bitter.

No. 9 Some words ending in –s but use a singular verb.


Subjects : politics, linguistics, economics, statistics, physics….

Physics is so difficult for me.

Countries: The United States, The Philippines

Diseases: mumps, measles

No. 10 Some nouns are plural because they have two parts, so we use plural verbs.

We can use singular verb when we put “a pair of” in front of them.


Trousers – My trousers are too short.

eye glasses – The eye glasses are very expensive.

A pair of eye glasses is expensive. (an expensive pair of eye glasses not an expensive eye glasses)