How to get good score in IELTS Reading in 10 days

climb up ielts reading in 10 days

How to get good score in IELTS Reading in 10 days


There is a difference when you compare IELTS Reading with general reading .


1. Read by getting gist of each paragraph. Remember that the first step to become a good reader is to quickly understand what the reader wants to convey. Dont read word by word. Read one paragraph quickly and form a mental image of what idea the author wants to convey. This will help you in retaining what you read. This is important while taking the IELTS Reading exam.


2. This is most important:
Preparation for IELTS Reading needs to be covered in a strategic manner during the test. You have 60 mins for reading 3 passages. This is what you should do :

Passage 1: Allocate 16-17 mins
Passage 2: Allocate 20-22 mins
Passage 3: Allocate 25-26 mins

This is because with each passage the difficulty level increases. I would also advice you to complete all the passages in IELTS book that you have got from Cambridge.
So I would really recommend you to budget the time as i have mentioned above ( 16-20-24) during the IELTS Reading exam. It would really help you. Dont divide the time in 20-20-20 slots in reading.


3. Make sure you read all the instructions very carefully. If you have been asked to write TRUE/FALSE/NOT GIVEN, do not commit mistake of writing T or F or NG – this is wrong. Same with YES/NO type of questions. Do not write Y/N. Write what is asked. Also make sure you do not answer TRUE/FALSE for a YES/ NO question and vice versa. Such an answer will be considered wrong and fetch no marks. This is very important in IELTS Reading test.