How to Prepare for IELTS

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How to Prepare for IELTS
By chulatutor   on 22/02/14

How to Prepare for IELTS


So if you know that your next step is to study abroad (UK/AUSTRALIA/CANADA). Then you have to clear the IELTS first. Here are some steps how you can make it to your expectations.


1. Start with searching the web. There you will find a lot of information about the test, e.g. the test format, how many sections it has, etc.

2. Consult with your nearest British Council, as they will provide you many helpful materials for taking the test, or you may like to join the British council to have practice classes for the test.

3. Try to find out your weak points and start working on them (e.g.-if you are not so strong in the writing section then you should start with this and eventually you will end up in liking it), or if you have difficulties in the speaking section you ought to start to talk and think in English, as there is no better way of speaking. If you think in English you will be able to express yourself properly.

4. Start reading newspapers, journals , and articles and you should be well informed about the current issues for the speaking and writing topics.

5. Listen to BBC and CNN, or watch British movies and shows. Spend 30 minutes on listening to the BBC news every day if you are not a native speaker.

6. Choose a realistic and achievable goal. To obtain a satisfactory IELTS Band Score, it is necessary to be realistic. If the goal is to reach a certain level of English proficiency, success can only be achieved with enough skill and dedication. It is important to know what an IELTS score in any of the Sub-tests means before you set yourself a goal.

7. Practice, practice, practice. Set aside the maximum number of hours you can spare each day to practise English for all four Subtests. Do not concentrate only on your weakest areas. Be regular in your practice, and give yourself a rest between tasks. Take at least one day out of your week to rest and forget the test completely.The secret of success is to work towards your goal slowly, steadily and regularly. It is best not to leave any long intervals between your practice and your test.

8. Increase your personal speed. In the IELTS test, time is your enemy. Candidates who have taken the test and did not perform as well as they had hoped often complain that they were unable to give all the answers in the Listening Test because the tape was too fast, and that they ran out of time in the Reading Test.To begin with, do not worry if you do not finish the tests. Remember, the test is designed to measure candidates over a range of scores from 0 to 9 (0 indicates the test was not attempted). Candidates whose English is near perfect can expect to score 9, but even native English-speaking people would be unlikely to complete every Listening Test answer perfectly or finish the Reading Test a long time before the examination ends.

The Listening, Reading, and Writing Tests are given in that order, and are usually held on a single morning. The combined length of those three tests is 2 hours and 30 minutes. (The Speaking Test is conducted at an appointed time in the afternoon.) Only one short break is given between the Reading and IELTS Writing Tests, so you need to be at your best for a long period of time, which is why you must sleep and eat well before the test. The hints and guidelines in this article should help you achieve your “maximum speed”. The more effort you put in, the faster your personal speed will be on the day.

9. Develop a memory for English. In the Reading Test, it pays to remember as much as you can of what you have just read, but at least the words can be read again. However, in the Listening Test you cannot go back, and the tape is only played once. If the answer comes before the keyword/phrase, your memory of what you have just heard is even more important. Nevertheless, the answer usually follows the keywords/phrases that you hear, and is close in time to the main keyword/phrase you are listening for.



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How to Prepare for IELTS

So if you know that your next step is to study abroad (UK/AUSTRALIA/CANADA). Then you have to clear the IELTS first. Here are some steps how you can make it to your expectations.
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