IELTS writing Day 6 – (Diagram, Flow chart)

Express way to IELTS in 20 days # 17 – IELTS writing (Diagram, Flow chart)

Express way to IELTS in 20 days # 17

IELTS writing (Diagram, Flow chart)

Writing Tips

Also, be ready for the hard cases. You may be given three sets of bar charts or a bar chart with a pie chart. Make sure to mention the relationship between the charts. Here is my suggestion. Practice writing with sample topics and find someone to score you. Read the model essay as much as you can with diverse type of tasks. Hopefully, you’ll see the repetitive pattern that can be a vital point in your development.


Diagrams visually explain a concept or an idea by illustrating the component parts and the relationship among them. It could be presenting the relationship between divisions of an organization, the component of learning system and the relationship among each participant unit, or the causes of a problem. There are tree diagram, fish-bone diagram, why-why diagram, how-how diagram, process diagram, and many more. The objective is to make the story easier to follow and more appealing.


What to look for

Basically, you have to describe the diagram. In what aspect? That depends on the type of diagram you are given. Read more explanation in the following link.

Check this out :


Flow chart

Flow charts are popularly used to describe a sequence or work process using geometric symbols and arrows to define relationship. An activity is represented by a rectangle, a decision by a diamond. They could look like this.


What to look for

You have to understand the chart thoroughly and describe it as it is in sequence. Please see model answer for a consequence flow chart in the link.

Check this out :


Useful vocabularies and phrases for diagram and flow chart

These two graphic tools are not often seen in IELTS writing test. But who knows! Maybe you hit the jackpot! Here are some vocabularies and phrases that may save your life.

first / next / then / after that

The process starts with …. / The process ends with

Passive voice is commonly used when describing these kinds of charts.

Example : (Referring to the flow chart given above)
After passing the licensing exams, a medical license is received.

For more example, please visit the links given in the previous articles.


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