Express way to IELTS in 20 days# 6 – IELTS reading (Matching headings, Matching features, multiple choices, Note completion)
By chulatutor   on 02/06/15

Express way to IELTS in 20 days# 6 – IELTS reading

(Matching headings, Matching features, multiple choices, Note completion)


There are diverse types of test in the IELTS Reading section but they are not difficult to understand. The important thing is to get familiar with the test and to understand how to fill in the answer by doing exercises.

Matching headings

You will be given a text with several paragraphs and a list of potential headings of each paragraph. You will be asked to match the headings with the paragraphs in the text. For example, if the text is about a city, the given list of headings should be something like this.

List of paragraph headings
I. Town facilities
II. Oyo’s palace
III. Urban divisions
IV. Architectural features

When it comes to Reading part, I suggest you should do quick reading through the entire essay to get the idea of the story. Then, different techniques could be applied depending on what you are being asked. In case of matching headings, you can get your answer just by identifying the main idea sentence. Once you do that, you’ll figure out what the heading of the paragraph should be. Watch the clip to find more useful techniques to tackle this part and do some exercises.

Check this out :

Matching features

You will be given a list of people, animals, places, or other things according to the content of the text. Then there will be a statement for each question. What you have to do is to match the statement with an item in the list. For example, if the essay is about the history of weapons, the list and statements should look like this.

First invented or used by Questions
A the Chinese 1 black powder.
B the Indians 2 rocket-propelled arrows for fighting.
C the British 3 rockets as war weapons.
D the Arabs 4 the rocket launcher.
E the Americans

The answers are in the passage. You can use the scanning technique by scanning for the keywords such as Chinese, Indians, black powder, or rockets. This kind of question is relatively easy. So, you should collect all the marks. Watch the clip for more explanation and see the full version of the example here.

Check this out :

Multiple choices

I believe that the multiple choices is familiar to most of you since it’s the most common type of test in other English exams such as TU-GET or CU-TEP. So, let’s review the significant steps to achieve the multiple choices exam one more time.

Step 1 Read the instructions. Be careful because you may be asked to choose more than ONE choice in IELTS test .

Step 2 Read the questions. You have to clearly understand what is being asked. It could a consequence or cause of something, an example, the most prominent item, or even a method. That would depend on the essay .

Step 3 Scan the text for keywords. Choosing the right key word can save a lot a time. Don’t scan for articles, adverbs, or adjectives. That’s not going to work. Scan for numbers, capital letters, date, place, or name. Scan for something that is unlikely to be repeated.

Step 4 Read the part of the text surrounding the keyword. Read the sentence that is containing the keyword. To play safe, spare your time to read the adjacent sentences too. If you can’t find your answer, you may have to read the whole paragraph.

Step 5 Choose the correct answer.

Please see the clip to find a full explanation with example questions. It is really easy to understand

Check this out : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DptZU8mJQ00

Note completion

You will be given a summary note concerning the passage. However, the note is incomplete. There will be blanks in the noted phrases. Your job is to fill in those blanks. The steps for finding answers are the same as the multiple choices. Take a look at this clip to listen to the introduction to note completion exam.

Check this out : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PLApz-MHcw4

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ielts reading Day 1 - (Matching headings, Matching features, Multiple choices, Note completion)

When it comes to ielts reading part, I suggest you should do quick reading through the entire essay to get the idea of the story.
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