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Express way to IELTS in 20 days# 5 – IELTS writing (Connector 1, Agree and disagree essay)

By chulatutor   on 01/06/15
Express way to IELTS in 20 days# 5 – IELTS writing (Connector 1, Agree and disagree essay)

Express way to IELTS in 20 days# 5 – IELTS writing (Connector 1, Agree and disagree essay)

In IELTS Writing test, you have to finish two tasks in one hour. Task One is a descriptive essay while Task Two is an argumentative essay. Task One usually comprises at least 150 words while Task Two usually comprises at least 250 words. Because Task Two contributes marks twice as much as Task One, we should start practicing Task Two first.

Argumentative essay is the essay in which you have to express opinions and ideas towards a topic. There are four issues to be concerned in this task.

1. Task response – How well do you fulfill the task?
2. Coherence & cohesion – Does your text make sense and how well is it organized?
3. Lexical resources – Do you use a wide range of vocabularies with accuracy?
4. Grammatical range & accuracy – Do you use various structures with appropriation accuracy?

Visit the following link to see more details on how your essay will be scored.

Check this out : http://www.ielts.org/pdf/Writing%20Band%20descriptors%20Task%202.pdf

Connectors 1

Coherence and cohesion, one of four criteria, can be achieved through connectors. These linking words and phrases help tie all the contents in a text into one coherent unit. In other words, if your text has coherence and cohesion, it is easy to comprehend. If not, it is confusing. Unfortunately, there are so many cohesive devices. Fortunately, you only have to write two essays in IELTS exam. So, two or three from each category will be enough.

Additionalso, in addition
Listingfirstly, secondly, finally
To give reasonsbecause, the reason for this is…, since
To give resultsas a result, therefore, consequently
To give examplesfor example, such as
To emphasizein fact, absolutely

Go to the links listed below to find full extent of connectors in English.


Check this out :


Agree and disagree essay

There are five different types of essay that may be appeared in Task Two. The first type to be introduced is ‘Agree and Disagree Essay’. Obviously, you have to say whether you agree or disagree (or both) with a statement or idea. For sample tasks and model essays, see the links given at the end of this article. You will be asked ‘To what extent do you agree with this view?’ Your essay should look like this.


Suggested Structure

Introduction paragraph
First body paragraph – first reason
Second body paragraph – second reason
Third body paragraph – third reason (If any)
Conclusion paragraph

More details and alternative structures are in the following sites.

Check this out :

How to write the Agree or Disagree Essay for IELTS Task 2

To what extent do you agree or disagree essay structure

Useful phrases

I agree/disagree completely with the statement/idea.
In my opinion, ……….
I truly believe that the statement isn’t true.
There are three reasons why I agree/disagree with the idea.
The first reason is ………
One obvious example is ………..

Check this out : http://www.dcielts.com/ielts-essays/sample-ielts-essays/