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how to improve your toeic listening

By chulatutor   on 03/04/17
how to improve your toeic listening


After we know about TOEIC Reading in the first article, this one will talk about TOEIC listening. There are many types of listening test from easy one to academic difficult one such as IETS and TOEFL. For English academic listening test, it has many aspects, you have to listen and summarize and analyze what you hear in order to answer the test questions. But TOEIC listening test is not like that since it is a test for English in communication, for working while IELTS and TOEFL are for academic purpose.

I must tell you that there is going to be something change in 2017 TOEIC in both listening and reading. But the main purpose is still to test our English in communication. I think ETS (Educational Testing Service) may want to improve and update its tests since the world is changing. So, this article will go through the overall TOEIC listening.


TOEIC Listening NOW (Feb 2017)TOEIC Listening NEW
Question – Response3025
Shot Conversations3039
Short Talks3030

From this table, you can see that there are slightly changes. The photographs part in 2017 will be reduced to 6 questions. Normally, this part is the easiest one and most people always get full points but it is going to be only 6 questions. The question-response part is going to be reduced to 25 questions and the short conversations part is going to be increased to 39 questions. I must say that these 39 questions is going to be quite difficult and require our concentration because there is no script for you. Only you can is pay attention to the test and select the right choice. However, do not panic because the main purpose of the test is still the same: to test your English in communication. If your skill is good and you keep practicing, whatever the test is going to be, you can do it anyway. Let see how we can basically improve our listening skill in everyday life.


How to improve your listening skill

To improve our listening skill, we must start with tools near our hands, a tool that we use in our everyday life, such as Television, Radio and Internet. These three things, I believe, we use them every day. In present, the world moves faster so we have more tools. The more benefits we can take from those tools, the more listening skills we can improve.

Television : Try watching International TV Program. Choose the programs we interest and watch them. Continually watching, we will understand the content, the story and know more vocabularies. Moreover, the programs are mostly entertaining and funny so they won’t make you bore. When we watch TV Series, we can try watching it twice, the first time without Sub-Title and the second time with Sub-Title. After watching the second time, we will understand more. If we practice like this over and over, we will get both accent and vocabularies.

Radio : Today, driving and listening to the radio is a usual habit of our life. Try listening to the hit English radio channels such as 95.5, 102.5, 105.5 and 107. These radio channels always open international hit songs so we can listen to the songs and sing along. Doing like this, we can both improve our listening skill and also speaking skill since we will learn to speak the right accent from the songs.

Internet : This way is a cool and very easy way to practice Listening skill. This is a 4G era and everything we can find on the internet, WWW. My example is when I was young, I love listening to the international radio channel and open the song lyrics on the website and sing along. My English skill has improved a lot from this activity. I know the right accent, the vocabularies and the idioms in everyday life. Nowadays, Lyrics website or Youtube can provide you English lyrics to help you sing along with the song. Try it! and you will love listening to English songs. Moreover, there is a very good online practice website which is www.examenglish.com. This website is like a rehearsal before you take the real test. It can help you save money and you can practice whenever you want.


Improving listening skill is not difficult. Most Thai people get TOEIC listening scores more than reading scores. Everyone has listening skill as a basic language skill. What we need is only more practice and good score is waiting for you.