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CU-TEP day 16 – CU-TEP listening

By chulatutor   on 14/10/15
cu-tep day 16 - cu-tep listening

CU-TEP Listening

Day 16 Listening Training


There are so many ways to improve your listening skill. However, it’s not the method that is most important but it’s the consistency. Choose the method that you feel comfortable with.


One – Listen to test example audio to get familiar with what you’ll hear when you take the exam. This approach is for someone who already has basic listening skill. Anyway, the beginners can use this approach too if there is not so much time to prepare.


Two – Listen to everyday talks in order to get used to the tone, accent, and rhythm of English speaker. This is a good approach for beginners because you can practice with various situations and don’t have to worry about the test. Go to the website given below.
Check this out: http://www.manythings.org/elllo/


Three – In case you want to relax a little bit, let’s practice with song lyrics.
Check this out: http://lyricstraining.com/


On the website, there are many music videos of English songs. The game is to fill in lyrics that are left out. You can choose your level. If you choose beginner level, you have to fill in 10% of the lyrics, 25% for the intermediate level, 50% for the advanced level, and 100% for expert level. It’s so cool! English can be fun!


Four – Practice with movies. On the website given below, there are four parts of listening practice; movie clips, comedy, movie trailers set 1, and movie trailers set 2. After watching the clips, answer the questions for comprehension test.
Check this out: http://www.learnenglishfeelgood.com/eslvideo/index.html


Five – Practice with news. On this website, you’ll find breaking news audio clips with transcript. You can choose the speed level and do the given exercises. This is harder than the other approaches but it’s good to challenge yourself. Moreover, you get to learn the world event as well
Check this out: http://www.breakingnewsenglish.com/


The website www.skillsyouneed.com has suggested ‘The 10 Principles of Listening’ which are for everyday life. The tips listed below are the ones that can be applied to the listening test.

  1. Stay focused on the examination and stop thinking about the results.
  2. Prepare to listen by relaxing yourself.
  3. Remove distractions by organizing your desk.
  4. Understand the speakers’ point of view by putting yourself in their shoes.
  5. Be patient and get yourself together throughout the audio.
  6. Avoid personal prejudice. Answer the questions based on only what you hear, not what you think it should be.
  7. Listening to the tone also helps you get the mood of the speaker.
  8. Listen for ideas – not just words.


CU-TEP listening

There are so many ways to improve your listening skill. However, it's not the method that is most important but it's the consistency.